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Matt Wright Helicopter Crash: Is He Dead Or Alive? Arrest And Charge

Matt Wright has arrived at a Darwin Police station after an arrest warrant was issued for his arrest about a fatal helicopter crash earlier in February. 

Multiple investigations were launched after the crash; the incident occurred between Goulburn Islands and Maningrida, about 500 kilometers east of Darwin.

Before Matt Wright was arrested, the investigation proved that Helicopter’s engine stopped before hitting the ground.

He is the third person to get arrested for the case of a Helicopter crash back in February, which included a person’s life.

Many media and press were present when Matt appeared at the airport for his arrest; the news has been trending since.

Matt Wright Helicopter Crash: Is He Dead Or Alive?

Matt Wright is alive, but his close friend and co-star Chris Wilson died during the Helicopter crash.

When the incident happened, Wright was not onboard the Helicopter, and Wilson was on the job collecting crocodile eggs in February.

Matt Wright was slightly injured during the cash, but Wilson was found dead at the sport.

Outback Wrangler Killed While Dangling 30 Metres Below Helicopter To Collect Crocodile Eggs
Outback Wrangler Killed While Dangling 30 Metres Below Helicopter To Collect Crocodile Eggs. (Image Source:LADbible)

Wright and Wilson were good friends as well. To handle and move crocodiles, they collaborate closely. In his Netflix series, Wilson recalls how he and Wright first connected over a few bottles of rum years before.

After the crash, Wright shared a post for the late Wilson saying brother to him, which also shows they shared a close relationship.

In the post, he mentioned, “We started such an amazing journey many years ago; you were my right and left-hand man — nothing was ever too hard, you made shit happen & were the best teammate I could have ever asked for.”

Looking at the post, he shared with a long para caption, and it does not seem he was involved in anything wrong during the crash.

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 Matt Wright Arrest And Charge: Where Is He Now? 

In connection with the death of his close friend Chris in a helicopter crash, Matt Wright has arrived at a Darwin Police station to answer for his actions.

The arrest warrant was released on Monday, and he arrived at Police station on Tuesday morning.

Daily Mail Australia captured images of the celebrity placing his bags into an overhead compartment on a Qantas flight departing from Sydney this morning.

'Outback Wrangler' star Matt Wright arrives in Darwin
‘Outback Wrangler’ star Matt Wright arrives in Darwin. (Image Source:Brisbane Times)

Wright, 43, faces various charges, including perverting the course of justice, destruction of evidence, fabricating evidence, interfering with witnesses, & unlawful entry.

He was given 48 hours of the deadline to be at Police station, and he arrived just 24 hours after the warrant.

Wright and two other people were also arrested regarding the crash cash. After six months of investigation, in August, Neil Mellon, a former senior Northern Territory Police officer, was arrested as he arrived at work by colleagues investigating the case.

The charge of Police officer included disclosure of confidential information and obtaining benefits by deception.

After a month in September, Bush pilot Michael Burbidge was charged with four offenses, attempting to pervert the course of justice and destroying evidence.

But he was not the one pilot to crash the Helicopter, which involved the death of their close mate. Wright was the pilot in the helicopter crash.

More information about Matt Wright’s case is still to come out; he just appeared at the station this morning.

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