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Matthew Guerra Dad Name: Mother Karen Hernandez Wikipedia And Age

Following the tragic murder and mystery surrounding the case, many people are rushing to learn more about Matthew Guerra dad, mom, and family.

Matthew Guerra, a 22-year-old Texas man, was found dead in a car along with his 18-year-old girlfriend, Savanah Soto, on 26 December 2023.

The couple’s dead bodies were found in San Antonio. Shockingly, both of them had gunshot wounds.

The tragic death has deeply affected both victims’ families. Further investigations even revealed the history of Matthew’s domestic violence.

In the wake of tragedy and mystery surrounding the case, many people wonder about the family of Matthew Guerra. 

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Matthew Guerra Dad Gabriel Guerra Came Forward

For the first time, Gabriel Guerra, father of Matthew Guerra, has expressed his grief over the tragic death of his son and his pregnant girlfriend, Savanah Soto.

Mathew Guerra Dad
Mathew Guerra dad and mom don’t believe that their son is responsible for Savannah Soto’s death. (Image Source: NY Post)

“We’re devastated and trying to cope,” said the heartbroken dad of the male victim.

The couple was found dead in their car in a San Antonio apartment complex parking lot. Both had gunshot wounds.

According to Savanah’s family, their daughter and her boyfriend were shot behind their ears.

The circumstances and perpetrator of their deaths remain unknown to both families.

Moreover, Savanah, overdue by a week, was scheduled for induction at a hospital to deliver her son, Fabian.

Gloria Cordova, Savanah’s mother, expressed her hope for justice for her daughter’s death.

She had a premonition of a terrible event involving her daughter and her unborn grandchild and has been distraught since their deaths.

Cordova revealed that the police found Savanah in the car’s front seat with a car seat on her, and Matthew in the back.

This revelation led her to believe there was another person involved. Moreover, Cordova suspects Matthew’s involvement in illicit activities.

Matthew’s father, on the other hand, acknowledged his son’s criminal history, including weapon possession, evading police, and an assault charge involving Savanah.

Despite this, he believed Matthew was on a path to change after becoming a father. Both families now await justice.

Mathew Guerra Mother Karen Hernandez

Karen Hernandez, Matthew Guerra’s mother, defended her son on Facebook after his death was announced.

Mathew Guerra Dad
Savanah Soto’s family suspect that Matthew Guerra might be behind their daughter’s death. (Image Source: Law & Crime)

“I was always a loving mother to my child. Now, I am heartbroken. No one can take away the love I hold in my heart and soul for my pride and joy,” she expressed.

Furthermore, in response to the initial worries about Matthew and Savannah’s disappearance, Karen shared an emotional message with her followers.

She emphasized that her son would never harm his girlfriend.

In addition, Matthew’s mother appealed to the public to share any information if they had seen Matthew and his girlfriend in the vicinity.

Nevertheless, the tragic demise of their beloved children has left an indelible mark on the hearts of both families.

The loss they have suffered is immeasurable, as they grapple with the reality of a future without their loved ones.

The pain and sorrow are palpable, echoing in the silence left by the absence of their children.

Amidst this profound grief, both families stand together, waiting for the day when justice will be served, bringing them some semblance of closure and peace.

Their hope is that the truth will come to light, and the person responsible for this heinous act will be held accountable.

Until then, we hope they remain steadfast, their resolve unbroken, as they await justice.

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