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Matthew Guerra Family: Mother Karen Hernandez & Father Gabriel

A tragic murder case has shocked people nationwide as many rush to find details of the victim, Matthew Guerra, and his family. With mystery shrouding the case, learn more further in this article.

Matthew Guerra, born in 2001, was a Texas native who went missing earlier this December.

He and his pregnant wife, Savannah Soto, failed to show up at the hospital, prompting a missing persons report to be filed.

Further, a rigorous search revealed a tragic accident that has deeply affected the family of both parties.

The investigations have brought up past cases of abusive and violent behavior in Matthew.

Amidst the legal procedure to find the culprit, many turn to raise questions regarding the family of Matthew Guerra.

Matthew Guerra Family: Mother Karen Hernandez & Father Gabriel

The bodies of Matthew Guerra and his girlfriend were found in Texas, which made netizens curious about their family.

Growing up in San Antonio, Matthew Guerra was often under the care of his mother, Karen Hernandez.

Furthermore, her Facebook posts reveal that the victim fostered along with his younger siblings.

Meanwhile, information about his father, Gabriel Guerra, remains minimal as he led a private life before the case.

Matthew Guerra hugged by his mother
Matthew grew up in a loving home with his mother. (Source: Facebook)

Following the immediate concerns about Matthew and Savannah’s disappearance, Karen posted a heartfelt message for her followers.

Moreover, she clarified that her son would not do anything to harm his wife.

Additionally, Karen urged the people to provide information if they spotted Matthew and his girlfriend in the neighborhood.

While the Guerra family grieved the loss of their son, the father spoke on the previous behavior of Matthew.

Gabriel broke his silence and revealed excitement about his grandson, Fabrian’s, arrival.

Similarly, Matthew often had talks with his father and sought advice to become an excellent father to his future child.

During an interview, Gabriel claimed that Matthew had charges of unlawful carry, evading arrest, and domestic assault.

Matthew Gurrea sits with his mother
Matthew wanted to manage his anger issues for his future son. (Source: Facebook)

Not to forget, his assault case was from last Christmas, and the victim was his pregnant wife.

However, Savannah requested the court to drop the charges nearly a month after that incident.

Likewise, the young couple struggled with alcoholism, which resulted in a physical clash between the two.

Apart from such details, the Guerra family has refrained from providing other details about Matthew and his girlfriend to the public.

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Culprit Not Identified: Families Want Answer For The Murder

The investigations have revealed that the culprit shot Matthew and Savannah behind the ear.

Savannah, a week past her due date, was set to be induced at a hospital on Saturday night.

Furthermore, her mother, Gloria Cordova, broke down and prayed for justice as quickly as possible.

Matthew Guerra poses with his pregnant wife
Matthew’s neighbors complained about suspicious behavior. (Source: Twitter)

In addition, she revealed that Savannah was in the car’s front seat while her husband was in the back seat.

This led Cordova and her family to suspect that Matthew Guerra was involved in illegal activity.

Similarly, a neighbor testified on the case, revealing that Matthew often argued and beat Savannah.

While both grieved parties try to defend their child’s past, they have not yet identified the real culprit.

Meanwhile, San Antonio Police are working with the Leon Valley Police Department to investigate the incident.

Savannah Soto smiling in her baby shower
Savannah had gunshot wounds behind her ears. (Source: Twitter)

The bizarre disappearance of Savannah brought an overwhelming response from social media users.

Furthermore, individuals formed a Facebook group to search for clues that could lead to teenagers.

Additionally, the discussion under #savannahsoto has garnered more than seven million views on TikTok.

Now, the close acquaintances hope to learn the truth as soon as possible with the assistance of the legal team.

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