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Matthew Rutler Wikipedia, Age: Christina Aguilera To Be Husband

As the relationship between Christina Aguilera and her to-be husband, Matthew Rutler, turns out to be widely recognized, interest in her personal life and family details has led people towards his Wikipedia.

Matthew Rutler is an American band guitarist, production assistant, and executive vice president at MasterClass.

He is widely recognized as the fiance of the famous American singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler crossed paths while filming Burlesque in November 2009, and Rutler proposed in 2014.

Further, both Matthew and Christina Aguilera worked on a music video, Let There Be Love.

However, Matthew’s erratic driving led to his arrest, while authorities discovered Aguilera extremely intoxicated.

Meanwhile, the couple have given glimpses of their relationship on social media to mark special occasions.

Following such a strong bond between them, people have started to scour the internet searching for the Wikipedia of Matthew Rutler.

Matthew Rutler Wikipedia: Details On The Guitarist Age, Family & Career

Despite the increasing fame and the fiance of Christina Aguilera, Wikipedia has not featured Matthew Rutler on their website yet.

Hailing from Wyckoff, New Jersey, Matthew Rutler was born on April 5, 1985, and is currently 38.

Further, since childhood, filmmaking and entertainment genres have intrigued him.

He enrolled in Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration and a minor in music.

An old picture of young Matthew Rutler with his mother.
Matthew also worked as a production assistant in various American films. (Source: Instagram)

As for his parents, his father, David Rutler, and his mother, Kathleen Rutler, work as freelance writers.

Matthew Rutler is the youngest of five siblings: Olivia Rutler, Liliana Rutler, Tim Rutler, and Michael Rutler.

After finishing his formal education, he began networking to enter the film industry.

In 2008, he began his career by securing a job in the film The Proposal (2009) wardrobe department after an interview.

After that, he pursued a career in the assistant directing (AD) department.

Matthew back in 2018 showcasing a collab with Stand with Dreamers.
Matthew was the leading guitarist in his independent band, Nate Mott Band. (Source: Instagram)

He was a production assistant in various American films, including Surrogates (2009), Law Abiding Citizen (2009), and more.

Currently, Matthew has transitioned from his role as a production assistant to becoming an executive at MasterClass.

Further, while working as an AD crew member during the day, he pursued his passion for music at night.

As a musician, Matthew was a member of the independent Nate Mott Band, formed in Bristol in 2006 with four members.

Nevertheless, besides his career, the love life of Matthew Rutler is a hot topic of discussion this week, intriguing fans to search his Wikipedia.

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A Sneak Peek At Matthew Rutler & Christina Aguilera’s Relationship

Talking about his relationship details, Christina Aguilera and her partner, Matthew Rutler, have been engaged since 2014.

Meanwhile, Christina also shared a beach photo with Matthew, displaying her engagement ring and publicly expressing their love.

The couple met while working on the movie Burlesque in 2010.

In the movie, she played the main role in the musical drama while he served as a production assistant.

Over a decade later, Matthew Rutler has proved to be Christina Aguilera’s lasting love, which interests many to search on his Wikipedia.

Matthew Rutler and Christina at an award function in 2014.
Matthew likes to read, hang out with friends, and socialize in his leisure time. (Source: Facebook)

In addition to their commitment through engagement, the couple welcomed a daughter named Summer Rain Rutler in 2014.

Moreover, the couple seems deliberate in their wedding plans, taking their time before exchanging vows.

Moving on, many controversial terms have emerged, adding to the global recognition of their relationship.

When Christina appeared on the podcast Call Her Daddy in April 2023, she revealed private aspects of her relationship with Matthew.

In the podcast, during the promotion of her sexual wellness brand Playground, she discussed preferred positions and adventurous locations for intimacy.

Nevertheless, ignoring such senseless vows, people should focus on their plans for marriage and wish them lots of love.

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