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Mauricio Garcia Mental Health: Was Texas Mall Shooter in Depression?

Mauricio Garcia Mental Health: Everyone is concerned about the Texas Mall shooter’s health which we’ve described here in depth.

Mauricio Garcia was an American man who was in his early 30s. He was working as a security guard, and his name is currently in the limelight due to the recent mass shooting which he opened in Texas Mall.

Garcia killed eight people and injured seven people before being shot dead by Police at a Texas mall. Furthermore, he has no criminal records, and as said earlier, he worked as a security guard.

Reportedly, he was authorized to serve as a commissioned security guard from April 2016 to April 2020. Not only that, but he had three previous employers before his license expired. 

Following the deadly shooting in Texas Mall, everyone is concerned about the shooter’s mental health problems.

Mauricio Garcia Mental Health Explored

Mauricio Garcia reportedly had mental health issues. According to ABC 30, Garcia was in the U.S. Army in 2008 but was released due to mental health concerns.

In addition to the symbol on Garica’s equipment that hinted at a right-wing extremist ideology, investigators have found social media handles linked to the shooter that reveal many postings and images.

Mauricio Garcia Mental Health
Mauricio Garcia was removed from the US Army due to mental health concerns. ( Source: Twitter )

Those postings included writings with racially or ethnically motivated fierce extremist rhetoric, neo-Nazi material and material matching the supremacy of the white race.

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Was Texas Mall Shooter Mauricio Garcia In Depression?

As mentioned earlier, Mauricio Garcia was removed from the U.S. Army due to mental health concerns, but further reports have not been shared. Following that, it has been speculated that the Texas Mall shooter was also battling depression.

However, it can’t be confirmed as none of the media outlets have given the news regarding Garcia’s mental illness. There have been records of some shooters in the past who battled with depression, and they also opened shooting.

Mourners set up memorial sites for the victims who lost their lives in a recent shooting. ( Source: New York Post )

It is said that he was living in a motel as he had recently moved out of his parent’s home. Some sources have also claimed that Garcia was associated with the gang, as he allegedly had an East Dallas prison gang tattoo on his left hand.

For your information, it is one of the most violent and dangerous gangs in Houston, and his tattoo could indicate his being a cartel member, but this is yet to be confirmed.

As the investigation is going on, the Police department will surely give more updates about his mental health.

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Who Are Mauricio Garcia Parents?

Mauricio Garcia was born in 1989 and lived with his parents in Dallas. His parents are reported to be Hispanic, and they rarely speak English.

When Police arrived at his House, they interrogated his parents for over an hour with the help of translators.

Mauricio Garcia shot
Everyone is shocked by Mauricio Garci’s actions as he shoots and killed eight people and injures seven. ( Source: Fox News )

The FBI questioned his family for hours, and new details continue to emerge about what prompted his heinous massacre. 

Everyone is shocked by Garcia’s actions as he murdered eight people and injured seven others at a shopping mall in Texas. He was killed by a Police officer responding to the massacre at the Allen Premium Outlets on Saturday afternoon.

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