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Max Angioni Wikipedia Biografia- How Old Is Stand Up Comedian?

Max Angioni is an emerging Italian comedian. He has risen to fame from the successes of shows like Italia’s Got TalentZelig, Le Iene, and Lol 2.

This year, he has kicked off his first, much-anticipated national tour. He performs at several theaters, with a show aimed at audiences of all ages. 

The show Miracolato (meaning miraculous) establishes him as one of the significant new faces of the Italian comedy scene.

Max Angioni Wikipedia: He Studied And Prepared For Comedy Since School

Max Angioni was born in Como, Italy, in 1990. He is 32 years old, but we do not know his birthday.

His real name is Massimiliano Angioni, but he is better known by his stage name Max Angioni.

Max Angioni wiki
Max Angioni during one of his performances.
(Source: IL Giornaile)

Max started as a theater actor, studying at the Teatro in Centro school in his hometown Como under the direction of Ester Montalto.

Later, he attended the Accademia del Comico (Comedian Academy) in Milan, Italy’s comedy capital. He did so under the guidance of well-known personages in the Italian theatrical world.

After graduating, he realized he was well prepared and suited for acting and comedy. So, he began his career in the same.

Biografia: Max Angioni Is Climbing The Ladder Of Success

Max Angioni has had several milestones in his comedy career.

In 2019, Max became part of the cast of Zelig Time, where he brings out peculiar characters such as Aquaman, Jon Snow, and Jedi. 

In 2020, the comedian participated in and won Martina Franca’s cabaret festival.

A year later, Max contested in Italia’s Got Talent. Arriving in the final, he performed a highly comic reinterpretation monologue of the Gospel and the miracles of Jesus. He came second.

In 2022, he entered as a protagonist in the house of LOL – Who laughs is out (Season 2) on Amazon Prime Video. In April, Max’s very own first national tour starts with the show Miracolato, written together with Alessio Tagliento. 

Max Angioni miracolato
Max Angioni is currently on his Italy tour.
(Source: Teatro Verdi)

The show is based on his personal experiences, like the curse of second place in IGT, and contemporary topics, such as communication in the days of social networks. 

Moreover, he has written a book entitled All True. It was released on February 21, 2021. In the volume, the author makes fun of many of the everyday oddities, including the issues of free time, family, work, and technology. 

Max also sells exclusive merchandise, like t-shirts, bags, mugs, sports bottles, smartphone covers, etc., on his website. A management agency called Vera Agency represents Max.

Max Angioni Age: He Is In His Early 30s

Born in 1990, Max Angioni is 32 years old. He became confident that he wanted to become a comedian at 28.

The memory of the afternoons spent with the family watching Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo initially inspired Max to become a comedian. Before getting involved, he fantasized about the comedy world for a long time.

When the boy was 18 and still a teen, they organized Zelig workshops to look for new talents in his hometown of Como. Max had heard of the news but did not think of participating.

The true enlightenment came a good ten years later when at 28, Max understood that this would be his way.

Max Angioni bio
Max Angioni as Jon Snow in the show Zelig.
(Source: Vera)

Despite his different persona on the stage, Max is a reserved person. We do not even know his birthday. We also do not know if he is single or has a girlfriend or wife.

His official Instagram profile gives very little insight into his sphere. On the other hand, Max shares photos with his fans and videos related to his work, hoping to share some laughter online.

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