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Maxine Wahome Is Not Dead- Accused Of Assaulting Her Boyfriend Asad Khan, Arrest And Charges

Maxine Wahome is not dead and is accused of assaulting her boyfriend and hurting him.

Maxine first competed in autocross at a young age before moving to motocross. She debuted at the Naivasha Safari Rally in June 2022 and won the WRC3 championship. Waigwa Murage, the co-driver, guided her.

On December 13, 2022, Maxine Wahome again made headlines for unfavorable reasons when she allegedly engaged in a love triangle with her 50-year boyfriend, Asad Khan. Due to excessive blood loss from his Achilles, Asad Khan was transferred to intensive care.

GBV activists called for Safaricom PLC and Betika to stop sponsoring them on social media, which has become more common when celebrities are in the news for the wrong reasons.

Maxine Wahome Is Not Dead: What Did She Do?

Maxine Wahome, a famous rally driver, was charged with assaulting her boyfriend, Asad Khan, on Wednesday at the Milimani Law courts.

Following her arrest on Jamhuri Day, December 12, Wahome spent two nights in Police custody before appearing before Magistrate Benard Ochoi yesterday.

In a prior court appearance on Tuesday, Police requested a 14-day detention for Maxine to allow for additional inquiries into the incident that sent Khan to the hospital.

Maxine Wahome before chief magistrate gave her a cash bail of Sh100,000. (Source: star.co.ke)

Khan was at the high-dependency unit in critical condition, according to state prosecutor James Gachoka, and was unable to provide a description of what happened. Gachoka reported that the complainant Khan was brought into the Avenue Hospital’s High Dependency Unit in critical condition with severe deep cuts on his right ankle.

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The prosecution argued that Maxine Wahome should also be held in custody because of her stature and the fact that many of the witnesses in the case reside in their Kilimani, Nairobi, apartment.

Maxine Wahome Arrest And Charges Details

On December 12, 2022, Wahome was arrested at an apartment in Kilimani after allegedly assaulting and seriously hurting her boyfriend, Asad Khan.

Additionally, Gachoka demanded Maxine Wahome’s detention so they could take her to the government chemist for a DNA test before charging her.

Rally driver Maxine Wahome in the dock at the Milimani Law Court (Source: nairobinews)

The prosecutor also let the court know that Wahome’s cronies were being sought after. The Safari Rally driver, who claimed to be the victim and in need of protection, pleaded with the court to enjoin the media from reporting on the case.

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Maxine Wahome asserted via her attorney that Asad Khan injured himself while he was attacking her.

Is Maxine Wahome In Jail?

Maxine Wahome, a Kenyan rally driver, has been freed on a Ksh. 100,000 cash bail while authorities look into an incident where she is accused of hitting her boyfriend.

In June of this year, Wahome made history when she became the first woman to win the WRC3, only at the age of 26.

The Police asked for her to be held for 14 days while they filed charges against Wahome for causing Asad Khan serious harm, but Magistrate Benard Ochoi turned down their request.

The claims that she is a victim have not been proven, so the court declined to order the media to stop reporting on the case.

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Wahome’s attorneys had asked the court on Tuesday to stifle media coverage of the case, arguing that she is the victim and not the aggressor.

Ochoi denied the state’s request to hold her in custody for two weeks, stating that there were no compelling reasons to do so.


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