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Mazi Melesa Pilip Children: 7 Kids With a son wanting Star of David

As a candidate for the Republican in New York’s congressional run, Mazi Pilip has been making headlines. Among several questions, many want to learn more about the family of Mazi Pilip as they look for details on her children.

Mazi Melesa Pilip is an American politician representing Nassau County, Long Island’s 10th district.

She immigrated to Israel when she was 12 and has a history with the country’s defense force as their gunsmith.

Further, Pilip has been a registered Democrat since 2012 but decided to run for the legislature in the Republican ballot line.

Over the years, the politician has been vocal about abortion rights, antisemitism, gun violence, and the Israel-Gaza conflict.

As she continues to make progress on her run, it is natural for people to look for family details of Mazi Pilip, especially her children.

Mazi Pilip Children: Kids Spotlighted After Son Asked For Star Of David Necklace

Being a well-known figure in politics, people tend to become curious about the children of Mazi Pilip.

Mazi Pilip is a proud mother of seven children, two of whom are adorable twin girls.

However, due to her public image, the politician hasn’t revealed the names of each of her children.

Mazi Pilip hugging her children
Pilip has promoted her campaign with her family. (Source: Facebook)

Looking back at her early life, Philip is an Ethiopian Jew who immigrated to Israel and is deeply connected with the country.

Further, she values her religion as a guiding force in the political battles that she goes through.

During her campaign, Pilip revealed that she had a turning point conversation with her son that pushed her political career.

Moreover, her son was getting ready for his bar mitzvah when Pilip inquired about his gift requirements.

To her surprise, her son asked for a Star of David necklace from his grandparents instead of a gaming console.

Mazi Pilip kids wearing white dress
Pilip gave birth to twins right before her run. (Source: Facebook)

However, Pilip hesitated to fulfill the request as Jews were being attacked for wearing a yarmulke or anything to do with their religion.

Additionally, she mentioned how she educates her son on the family killed by Nazis during the World War.

The moment defined the future for Pilip as she decided to run for the Nassau County Legislature in 2021.

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Mazi Pilip’s Married Life & Rise In The Political Scene

The spotlight on the children of MAzi Pilip has also put her married life into the discussion.

Coming from an orthodox Jewish family, Pilip was secretly airlifted to Israel as a part of a military mission.

Further, she dedicated many of her teenage years as a member of the IDF while also pursuing her degree in Tel Aviv.

Mazi Pilip with her husband
Pilip lived through poverty for most of her life. (Source: Facebook)

During her time in college, she encountered Adalbert Pilip, a Ukrainian-American who was studying medicine.

The pair dated for three years and bonded over the brutalities faced by their family members.

Moreover, they decided it was right to tie the knot in 2005 and moved to America for a better life.

Currently, Pilip’s husband works as a cardiologist in Smithtown while also helping the politician in her campaign.

The politician decided to run as the party candidate in that race for George Santos’s seat in the legislature.

Mazi in a purple suit
Pilip runs several community events and services. (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, the waging conflict between Israel and Hamas motivated Pilip to continue her work.

Amidst the conflict, there has been a significant rise in antisemitism among citizens, especially college students.

Now, Pilip has managed to get the support of Jews across the country which will be fruitful for her political campaign.

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