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Meet 12 Years Old Naiel Chaudry From Kids Baking Championship, Parents And Family

Naiel Chaudry is winning many hearts as people from around the world are trying to learn more about the young participant in the baking competition. 

Naiel Chaudry is among the most highly rated competitors among all the contestants in his competition. 

Naiel Chaudry, a baker from Los Altos and a frequent contributor to the Town Crier’s Food & Wine column, will compete in the 11th season of “Kids Baking Championship,” which will air on the Food Network on Monday at 8:00 pm.

In the most recent season of the program, there is an additional competitive component with the kids’ entrepreneurship and pastry expertise.

Naiel will enjoy the two-pronged competitive format. With his younger sister Punhal, the eighth-grader at Bullis Charter School co-founded LàJawab Treats. 

The South Asian-inspired fusion delicacies made by the brother and sister bakers have found local success. 

They frequently serve special events for schools and fund-raisers in Los Altos and Mountain View.

But this was the first time Naiel had to compete against himself without Punhal.

He remarked, “It was different from what I had in mind.” I was initially content with my creative outlet, but after shooting, I realized how appreciative I am to have my sister around to assist me in producing sweets.

Despite losing his baking partner, Naiel thrived in a setting that presented various challenges. He discovered that aspects of his expertise running LàJawab in real life benefited his performance on the show.

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Meet 12 Years Old Naiel Chaudry From Kids Baking Championship

Young baker Naiel, 12, is from California. The name of his bakery is La Jawab Treats.

They are attempting to support him because he is one of the competition’s favorites.

As people from all over the world attempt to discover more about the young competitor in the baking competition, Naiel Chaudry is gaining many hearts.

Naiel Chaudry
Naiel Chaudry is one of the favorites of the competition. (Source: Food Network)

Naiel Chaudry has one of the highest ratings among all the contenders in his competition.

Naiel Chaudry of Los Altos displays his nameplate in preparation for his forthcoming debut on the Food Network’s “Kids Baking Championship.”

Naiel Chaudry, a 13-year-old Los Altos resident and baker, is featured in the 11th season of “Kids Baking Championship” on the Food Network, which premieres Monday at 8 pm Chaudry frequently contributes to the Town Crier’s Food & Wine column.

The show’s most recent season has an additional competitive component where the kids’ entrepreneurship and baking abilities will be tested.

Naiel is a perfect fit for the two-pronged competition format. The eighth-grader from Bullis Charter School and his younger sister Punhal co-founded LàJawab Treats. 

The bakers’ fusion delicacies, flavored with South Asian ingredients, have found local success.

Naiel Chaudry Family And Parents Details

His family and parents have always supported Naiel Chaudry. He has always entered the baking scene with his sibling and will compete solo this time.

Naiel Chaudry
Naiel Chaudry wishes to win the new edition of the contest. (Source: Variety)

However, Naiel had to compete alone for the first time without Punhal, and he had to do so successfully.

“It wasn’t at all like I had imagined, he remarked. After filming, I realized how appreciative I am to have my sister close by to assist me in making sweets because she is highly creative. 

“At first, I was happy having the creative sense all to myself, but now, after filming, I realized how grateful I am for having my sister around to help me make sweets.”

Naiel found that parts of his real-life experience running LàJawab improved his performance on the show. 

He excelled in an environment that challenged him in various ways while losing his baking partner.

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