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Who Are Sean Duffy And Rachel Campos-Duffy? Meet Evita Duffy Alfonso Parents

Evita Duffy Alfonso parents are proud of their daughter, who is emerging in the writing field and gaining recognition from netizens all around the globe.

The co-founder is still a fresh name and receives little attention instead. On the other hand, Evita Duffy Alfonso parents are quite famous and are mostly responsible for her stardom.

Duffy initiated her writing career in her early life. The author completed an internship with the web publication The Federalist and is one of her team’s most nimble members.

The author has written multiple articles for the federalist website. According to her LinkedIn page, Evita is the co-founder and editor of a business named Chicago Thinker.

In July of 2020, she began working for the organisation. She has worked at Chicago Thinker since one year and five months ago.

Alfonso also serves as an intern for “The Federalist,” where she will continue to work through June 2020. Because of her involvement with the Chicago Thinkers, she was able to establish a reputation for herself in the industry.

Evita Duffy Alfonso Parents: Sean Duffy And Rachel Campos-Duffy

Evita Duffy Alfonso parents gave birth to the author on October 1, 1999, in her hometown of Wisconsin, United States.

Evita is the oldest child of her father, Sean Duffy, a politician, and a well-known celebrity. Similarly, Rachel Campos-Duffy is Duffy’s mother, a well-known television performer.

Evita Duffy Alfonso parents exchanged marital vows in 1999 and are still happily married today, along with the rest of the family.

The writer’s father, Sean Duffy, is a well-known politician and has gained recognition for his achievements as a former U.S. representative.

In a similar vein, Rachel Campos-Duffy, her mother, is a well-known conservative TV personality who frequently appears on MTV reality shows.

Evita Duffy Alfonso parents
Evita Alfonso Duffy parents and their nine kids in a frame. (Source: Yahoo)

The author is not the only child in her family, Evita Duffy Alfonso parents gave birth to eight other children, which consist of five sisters and three brothers.

Despite growing up with eight siblings, Duffy had a happy childhood and grew up in a stable household. Sadly, not many details about Evita’s siblings are available on the internet.

Valentina, the youngest sister of Evita, was born in 2019, has developed Down syndrome from birth, and has two holes in her heart.

Her political-minded father, Sean Duffy, is an important source of inspiration for the author.

Alfonso enrolled at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics in Illinois, where she is pursuing her degree in politics, intending to become like her father.

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Evita Duffy Alfonso Boyfriend

Evita Duffy does not have a boyfriend; she is spending her life with her husband, Michael Alfonso.

On June 24, 2022, Michael Alfonso and Evita exchanged vows. Few guests were permitted to attend their wedding ceremony, which was held in New Jersey’s St. Brigid Roman Catholic Church.

The couple’s first Instagram post together was in August 2020, yet they haven’t specified when their relationship began.

Alfonso traveled with Evita during Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign. According to rumors, Michael is following the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s class of 2022 graduates.

Both have kept their personal lives private. However, a glimpse of their connection on Instagram has been shown, and it has been established that they are both dating one another.

Evita Duffy Alfonso
Evita Duffy Alfonso kissed her husband on her wedding day. (Source: Twitter)

Evita has started her writing profession, finished her internship with the online journal The Federalist, and is one of the agile individuals on her team.

The author has also contributed to the conservative website with several pieces. Evita is listed as the co-founder and editor of a company called Chicago Thinker on her LinkedIn page.

The organization has employed Duffy since July 2020. She has been specializing in Chicago Thinker for one year and five months.

The author’s fellowship with “The Federalist” will continue in June 2020. Her association with Chicago Thinkers helped her build a name for herself in the field.

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