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Meet Tammy Smith And Ted Smith: Eric Smith Parents, Family Tree

Tammy Smith and Ted Smith are Eric Smith parents. The Smith couple’s son killed a 4-year-old Derrick Robie on 2 August 1993. The verdict devasted Eric’s family.

Eric Smith is a murderer who tortured and murdered a four-year-old kid, Derrick Josephy Robie, in 1993. Eric was only 13 years old when he committed the crime.

Eric Smith was found guilty of second-degree murder in 1994. He was sentenced to nine years to life in prison. His sentence was reportedly the maximum term available for juvenile murders at the time.

Derrick Robie’s murderer was granted parole in October 2021. After spending nearly three decades in prison, Eric Smith was released in February 2022 from Sullivan County’s Woodburne Correctional Facility. His release has garnered significant media attention.

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Meet Tammy Smith And Ted Smith: Eric Smith Parents, Family Tree

Eric Smith was born on 22 January 1980 to his parents – Tammy Smith and Ted Smith. As of 2024, he is 44 years old. 

Eric Smith Parents
Eric Smith’s family was devastated to learn that he committed such a heinous crime. (Image Source: AP News)

The Smith couple must have been shocked to know that their son killed an innocent boy. It has been reported that Tammy and Ted were devastated by the verdict.

However, they convinced themselves and accepted that their son was sick and would be sentenced to the maximum sentence in prison.

Eric Smith’s grandfather recalled his grandson saying, “I am sorry, mom, I killed that boy,” when they begged to tell them what he saw on the day of Derrick Robie’s death.

But Ted Smith disclosed that his son showed no emotion and expressed no remorse throughout the trial. “I don’t recall him ever saying he was sorry for killing the boy,” Eric’s father said.

Initially, Eric pleaded not guilty to the second-degree murder charge. But eventually, he confessed to killing the innocent boy.

Regarding Eric’s mom and dad’s profession, there are not many details. Also, it is unclear where they are from and their current whereabouts.

Why Did Eric Smith Kill Derric Robie?

The trial’s conclusion left the big question unsolved. Smith never explained the motive behind his crime. But, a decade later, the convicted murderer answered the question.

He said he wanted to take out his anger on someone. Unfortunately, Robie happened to be the victim. Under the nation’s news media spotlight, Eric Smith appeared before a jury a year after killing Derrick Robie.

Eric Smith Parents
Eric Smith killed four-year-old Derrick Robie to vent his anger. (Image Source: CBS News)

Smith’s defense lawyer said that Smith “had a mental disease that can be classified as a rage disorder” and was therefore not legally accountable for the murder.

According to testimony during the trial, Smith had speech issues and a history of outbursts as a child. The jury also learned that Eric was persistently bullied and kept back at school.

Smith was put through a rigorous medical evaluation by experts on both sides. They looked at hormone levels and brain activity but found nothing to account for his aggressive behavior.

The prosecutor also rebutted the insanity argument by claiming that Smith understood his actions were unlawful and should be held fully accountable for his acts under the law.

Eric spoke publicly about his experience over the years. In a 2004 interview, he revealed that he killed the young boy after being bullied by other kids.

Smith’s prosecutor John Tunney believed that Eric was tired of being the victim from his perspective, and he wanted to experience what it feels like to be victimized.

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