HomesingerMegan Danielle Boyfriend Levi Walker - American Idol Age Religion And Family

Megan Danielle Boyfriend Levi Walker – American Idol Age Religion And Family

Megan Danielle has announced that she auditioned in American Idol season 21, and since then, Megan Danielle boyfriend has been a top-discussed topic. 

Danielle has been into singing for a long time; she made it to the semi-finals in The Voice season 18. She was in the team of Kelly Clarkson. 

She has been interested in singing since her teenage; she auditioned in The Voice in season 18 when she was 17. 

Danielle has again presented herself in American Idol, and her audition will prime on February 19, 2023. This is the second episode of season 21.

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She has shared a picture of her from the show and has mentioned releasing it today at the regular time, 8 pm.

Read further to learn about the contestant Megan Danielle of American Idol 2023 season 21. 

Megan Danielle Boyfriend Levi Walker

Danielle has posted a picture with her boyfriend, Levi Walker, and has pinned it on her Instagram account. 

There is minimal information about Danielle’s boyfriend on the Internet, and Walker’s social media has been private along with his data. 

Walker seems to support Danielle with her career path; as per the online portal, her boyfriend was present the night she was auditing American Idol. 

Megan Danielle
Megan Danielle shared a picture with her Boyfriend Levi Walker with the caption, the absolute love of my life. (Image Source: Instagram)

Hopefully, we can learn more about her boyfriend after the episode is released. 

They seem to share a great relationship and have yet to be married or engaged. 

Walker and Danielle have been together for over four years and appear to have a perfect relationship.

American Idol Contestant Megan Danielle Age, And Religion

Danielle has not mentioned her age yet, but as per the sources, she was 17 when she went into The Voice season 18, which means she is currently 19. 

It does not look like she is 19; many people did not believe her age when she came to the show The Voice. 

The pictures she has shared in public, and her photos on the Internet do not look like she is 19. 

Many sources have confirmed it, and The Voice wiki has also demonstrated her age on the Internet. 

Megan Danielle Talks Competing on Season 18 of The Voice
Megan Danielle Talks about Competing on Season 18 of The Voice. (Image Source: Youtube)

Moving on to her religion, she has not shared about it in public, but various sources say that she comes from a Christan family and has been following Christianity since she was born. 

But, her religion has yet to be confirmed by herself in public, so we cannot say that she follows Christianity. 

Hopefully, we will learn more about her after the second episode of American Idol season 21 is released. 

Megan Danielle Family Details 

Danielle shared a great relationship with her Father, who is no more in this world; she often shares pictures of her Father on Instagram. 

The singer shared pictures of her Father on his birthday; she said she misses him daily. 

Megan Danielle shared a picture with her Father on his birthday.
Megan Danielle shared a picture with her Father on his birthday. (Image Source: Instagram)

Danielle’s mother’s information is unknown, but she raised her and shared a great bond with her mother. 

As per the source, she shares four siblings, but only her elder sister, Tallon Phillips, has shared information. 

Tallon is married to Austin Phillips, and they share a kid whose picture was shared by Danielle, calling herself the child’s aunt. 

Danielle’s family has publicly shared very little information about them and kept a shallow profile. 

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