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Meghan Mccain Weight Loss Journey: Is She Sick? Illness And Health Update

Meghan Mccain weight loss has surprised fans and viewers alike. Learn about her latest illness and health update.

McCain is an American television personality best known for her work with ABC News, Fox News, and MSNBC.

She co-hosted the daytime talk shows Outnumbered (2016-2017) and The View (2017-2021). 

Meghan is also the daughter of politician John McCain and diplomat Cindy McCain.

A long-known public figure, she made her first public appearance at the 1996 Republican National Convention when she was 11.

Meghan is also an author and columnist, involved in McCain BlogetteThe Daily Beast, and Daily Mail

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Meghan Mccain Weight Loss Journey

Even though Meghan McCain has not said anything explicitly, judging from her more recent photos, she appears to have lost significant weight.

It might have been caused by lifestyle changes, stress resulting from her recent pregnancy, or other factors, but no information is available.

However, McCain says she is fed up with people talking about her physical appearance and weight. The former host of The View is vocal against negative comments.

In 2019, when she posted a photo dressed in hot pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month, one Twitter user suggested she go on a diet.

She clapped back, saying such harassment can lead women to eating disorders, but expressed relief that she was among the lucky ones who never suffered from it.

Meghan Mccain weight loss journey
Meghan Mccain shuts down fat-shamers. (Source: Daily Mail)

The 39-year-old TV personality and the author did not call out anyone or any incident in specific but said the problem is with “multiple people.”

She added that young girls are “literally killing themselves” over the toxic culture towards women’s bodies. 

Online users responded to her tweet with support, saying that body shaming should always be off-limits.

The columnist, who shares a young daughter, Liberty, with husband Ben Domenech, has also stated that she never had to worry about her weight to get the man or job of her dreams.

“I hope young girls see me and know they don’t have to diet either,” McCain added.

Is Meghan McCain Sick? Illness And Health Update 2024

Meghan McCain is not sick. She does not have any publicly known chronic illness.

However, she and her husband, Ben Domenech, caught the Omicron variant of COVID-19 earlier this year. Further, she believes it affected her mental health.

Meghan Mccain health
Ben Domenech and Meghan Mccain had harrowing experiences with COVID. (Source: People)

McCain wrote in a Daily Mail column that, after testing positive, she grappled with a “post-COVID depression.”

It was an excruciating experience for her, and she said she was still afraid of the unknown long-term side effects that she might have.

Fortunately, they recovered from the pandemic and expressed gratitude for the COVID vaccines.

Besides, McCain has opened up about her struggles with severe postpartum anxiety.

Meghan McCain Comes From A Well-Known Family

Meghan Marguerite McCain is the eldest child of late Arizona Senator John McCain and diplomat Cindy McCain.

She has three younger siblings: John Sidney McCain IV, James McCain, and Bridget McCain.

She also has three step/half-siblings from her Father’s earlier marriage to Carol Shepp: Douglas, Andrew, and Sidney.

Meghan Mccain family
Meghan Mccain remembers her late Father, John. (Source: People)

Meghan was born in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, and attended Phoenix Country Day School and Xavier College Preparatory, private girls’ Catholic high school.

Afterward, Meghan earned her bachelor’s degree in art history from Columbia University in 2007.

She initially planned to become a music Journalist and did internships at Saturday Night Live and Newsweek.

In November 2017, Meghan married conservative writer and commentator Ben Domenech at her family ranch in Page Springs, Arizona.

After a failed pregnancy in 2019, the couple was blessed with their first daughter, Liberty, in 2020.

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