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Is Megumi Gay & In Love With Yuji? JJK Official Or Fan Shipping

Itafushi is the ship name for Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro from Jujutsu Kaisen. Now, let’s determine if Megumi is gay or not.

Megumi Fushiguro is a significant character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a grade 2 jujutsu sorcerer and a first-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High.

Moreover, he shares this journey with Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki. Initially, Megumi and Yuji weren’t very close, but as the story progressed, they became good friends.

In Jujutsu Kaisen, there are many LGBTQ+ characters, and people now assume that Megumi is one of them.

It is believed that he doesn’t have a specific type when it comes to attraction and avoids using gendered pronouns. This has led some fans to wonder about his sexuality.

Furthermore, some fans ship Yuji Itadori with Megumi Fushiguro as a pair in the series.

This has sparked curiosity among people about Megumi’s sexuality. Let’s explore and find out if Megumi is gay.

Shipping Of Megumi And Yuji In Jujutsu Kaisen

Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen enjoy pairing their favorite characters as romantic couples or lifelong best friends.

One of the main ships in the series is between Yuji and Megumi.

Despite Megumi Fushiguro’s moody and non-typical best friend behavior, he and Yuji Itadori share a special bond.

Moreover, the relationship between Megumi and Yuji has been a long-time favorite for fans.

They crossed paths at Yuji’s high school, where Megumi was the first jujutsu sorcerer Yuji ever met. Megumi was determined to protect him from a curse that was wreaking havoc.

Megumi and Yuji first meet in school
First meeting of Yuji and Megumi in Yuji’s High School in Anime.

Furthermore, their connection grew partly thanks to a Tamagotchi game.

Despite Megumi’s moody nature, he cares deeply for Yuji and can’t stand not being able to help him in times of trouble.

While some fans on Reddit believe that Yuji and Megumi lack chemistry, others see it differently.

Additionally, they’ve even come up with a ship name, Itafushi. Although they have rare disagreements, they always support and care for each other.

Megumi and yuji in manga series
Itafushi is one of the Fan’s favorite ships. (Source: Twitter)

While they may not be a romantic couple, Yuji and Megumi undeniably share a unique and special bond.

Whether it’s seen as a romantic connection or a deep friendship, people love to watch their dynamic.

Is Megumi Gay? Official Confirmation or Speculation

Certainly! People have raised questions about Megumi being gay. The sexual orientation speculations go beyond just shipping him with male characters.

While there hasn’t been an official confirmation of Megumi’s sexuality, fans have made assumptions based on certain clues.

In one particular scene, Megumi expressed that a person’s incredible personality matters most to him in falling in love.

He also expressed he would not specify a particular gender or physical traits.

Megumi gay confession manga chapter
Fans confirm that Megumi is pansexual after he described his type. ( Source: Twitter)

Later, this statement led some people to ponder about his sexual orientation.

Many fans believe that Megumi could potentially be pansexual. Consequently, he might be open to romantic relationships regardless of gender.

Moreover, in one of the scenes, he says that he loves unwavering humans, which is the meaning behind Yuji’s name.

Hence, this may also be the source of why people assume Megumi is gay or pansexual.

Megumi in shirt and hand in hair
Megumi’s sexuality is not confirmed yet. (Source: Twitter)

On platforms like Reddit, there are discussions and theories about Megumi’s sexuality, with some users confidently suggesting that he could indeed be pansexual.

It’s interesting to note that in the Japanese version and several other languages, translators used gender-neutral pronouns for Megumi.

Similarly, the manga deliberately left his preferences ambiguous.

These factors have contributed to the ongoing discussions and speculations regarding his sexuality.

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