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Melina Goransson Ex: Does She Have Any? Relationship With Steven Kenneth Bonnell II

People want to know about Melina Goransson Ex. DESTINY, a well-known political analyst and live-streamer on YouTube is wed to Twitch streamer Melina Goransson.

Images of what appear to be conversations between Swedish online celebrity Melina Goransson and political live streamer Steven “Destiny” have been circulated on social media.

These people have been making assumptions regarding the likelihood of the couple getting hitched.

Melina Goransson is a Swedish internet celebrity who is 25 years old. Melina has a history of streaming stuff regarding beaches, hot springs, and pools on Twitch.

In contrast, Destiny was banned from Twitch in 2021 after disclosing an employee’s email in the wake of a data breach that compromised the streaming service.

Be with us till the end to know more about Melina Goransson Ex and other details regarding her relationships.

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Melina Goransson Ex: Does She Have Any?

Melina Goransson ex has been a topic of interest for people. The 34-year-old is well known for being wed to Melina, a fellow Twitch streamer, whom he wed in December 2021.

Due to the nature of their open marriage, the pair has always drawn attention.

Others were curious to learn more about them because of their special relationship. Thus, they have recently opened up more about their relationship’s dynamics.

Known by his online pseudonym “Destiny,” streamer Steven Kenneth Bonnell II has garnered a substantial social media following by engaging in political arguments with other online celebrities.

The blue-haired streamer, who calls himself an “Omniliberal,” has never shied away from discussing his progressive beliefs and open marriage.

Melina Goransson Ex
People are curious to know about Melina Goransson Ex. (Source: YouTube)

The husband and wife team recently went to the American-Russian YouTuber Lex Fridman’s podcast.

The Red Pill community, body counts, open relationships, and each other were topics of much discussion and sharing among the Twitch streamers.

The most exciting aspect, though, was when Destiny talked about his marriage’s dynamics with his wife.

Relationship With Steven Kenneth Bonnell II

Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, 34, popularly known as Destiny in the streaming community, is also a well-liked streamer on YouTube and Discord.

He is available on an app that millions of people use worldwide that lets you make your platform for a private or group conversation.

Destiny married Swedish-born Melina Goransson when she was 34 years old.

As time goes on, the two have appeared together on numerous podcast episodes and live streams.

The two talked extensively about their relationship on the previous year’s Lex Fridman Podcast.

Though they touch on a variety of subjects, his live streams and videos mostly center on political commentary and video games.

In 2021, Destiny tied the knot with Melina Goransson, a well-known Swedish online personality. The streamer has drawn criticism for making internet jokes about suicide.

A man presents himself to a woman in the video. Before the video cuts off, the woman then seems uneasy.

Why Is Their Divorce Trending?

Screenshots from December 2023 surfaced online, claiming that Destiny’s wife had abandoned him for a different guy who had made suicide threats.

People on social media saw that Destiny appeared to have blocked or unfollowed his wife Melina on several platforms, which sparked rumors of a divorce.

Although neither Destiny nor Melina have commented on the rumors in public, it is purported that they both confirmed the breakup in a Discord discussion.

Melina Goransson Ex
Destiny, also known as Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, is an American political analyst and live-streamer. (Source: Sports Keeda)

Social media screenshots purportedly show Destiny calling the previous several weeks and months a “massive mindf**k.”

Melina has, according to Destiny, “become obsessed with a toxic/abusive guy.”

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