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How Many Kids Does Melissa Caddick Have? Where Is Her Son Josh Caddick

Who are Australian fraudster Melissa Caddick kids? The conwoman, who disappeared in November 2020, had been married twice.

Melissa Caddick was an Australian woman who vanished just before an ASIC investigation for carrying on a financial services business without an AFS license.

Almost two years after the fraudster vanished, her death news popped up. The death of the conwoman, who scammed numerous people, remains a mystery.

A few months after her disappearance, police found the fraudster’s decomposed foot washed up on a beach. However, an Australian coroner declared that Caddick is undoubtedly dead.

Following the ruling of the Australian coroner, Melissa Caddick has come to the spotlight again. Many are keen to know the conwoman’s family and background.

Today’s article is about Melissa Caddick’s children, Josh Caddick and his whereabouts.

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How Many Kids Does Melissa Caddick Have?

Australian fraudster Melissa Caddick was the mother of one child, Josh Caddick. She shared her only son with her first spouse, Tony Caddick.

Melissa Caddick the Australian business women pictured with her first husband Tony Caddick.
Melissa Caddick had a son, Josh Caddick, with her first husband, Tony Caddick. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Melissa and Tony tied the knot on 20 April 2000 at the Garrison Church in Millers Point, Sydney. The Caddick couple welcomed their son, Josh, in 2006.

Josh Caddick was 14 years old at the time of his mother’s disappearance in November 2020. After Melissa insisted, Tony, who had a political science degree, earned his law degree and was admitted as a solicitor.

In 2010, the Caddick family relocated to Essex and lived closer to Tony’s family while he traveled daily to work in London.

When Caddick moved to England, she had no job and quickly got bored of her surroundings. Ms. Caddick convinced her spouse to let her go to Switzerland for a conference by saying she wanted to brush up on her financial knowledge.

Later, Tony learned that Melissa traveled to Paris to meet with her Sydney-based hairdresser, Anthony Koletti and that she had paid for his international travel costs to prolong their affair.

After being confronted by Tony, the conwoman emptied their shared bank accounts and Essex home. In January 2012, the fraudster relocated to Sydney with her son, Josh Caddick.

When she returned to Australia, she told her family and friends that her spouse had been abusive. Tony and Melissa divorced in 2013.

The scammer married her boyfriend, Koletti, later that year.

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Where Is Josh Caddick Now?

Tony and Melissa Caddick’s son, Josh Caddick, is 18 years old as of 2024. As for Josh’s whereabouts, not much is known.

Melissa Caddick First Husband
The whereabouts of fraudster Melissa Caddick’s son are unknown. (Image Source: BBC)

However, Josh was with his step-dad Anthony Koletti when his mother disappeared on 12 November 2012. Might he still be living with Koletti? Well, the answer is unclear.

Josh could be living with one of his relatives because he is still a minor.

Moreover, in an interview, Melissa’s son and second husband disclosed that they heard the front door of the Dover Heights house open and close on the morning of the day she vanished.

The conwoman was never seen after that day. It was just after AFP and ASIC investigators raided the property over an alleged $23 million Ponzi scheme.

The fraudster’s heavily decomposed foot was found in a shoe that washed to shore. DNA test determined that it was Ms. Caddick’s foot.

Theories suggest Melissa died of suicide by jumping off the cliffs near her home. A shark then ate her body, which spat out her foot.

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