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Meteorologist Ron Jackson Obituary And Death Cause Linked To Accident

The Ron Jackson obituary deeply saddened the meteorology community and highlighted his profound impact on FOX 4 Dallas and its viewers.

In a tragic loss for the meteorology community and the viewers of FOX 4 Dallas, Ron Jackson, a beloved meteorologist, passed away at age 67. 

With a career spanning over three decades, Jackson was a familiar face on FOX 4, providing weather forecasts and warnings with his steady and easy-going manner. 

His humor, wit, and famous one-liners endeared him to his colleagues and audiences. The news of his death has left a void in the hearts of those who knew him and worked with him.

This article will delve into the details surrounding Ron Jackson’s obituary, the cause of his death, and any illnesses he may have had before his passing.

Meteorologist Ron Jackson Obituary Details

The Ron Jackson obituary reflected upon his remarkable career as a beloved meteorologist and the lasting legacy he leaves behind in the hearts of his colleagues and viewers.

The Tweet mentions that he worked with the FOX 4 weather crew for over three decades and passed away at the age of 67. (Source: Twitter)

For more than 35 years, he diligently delivered weather forecasts and warnings, becoming a trusted figure in the industry. 

His presence in the newsroom was marked by his humor, quick wit, and countless one-liners that brought joy and fun to his colleagues. Ron’s ability to lift spirits made him a cherished member of the FOX 4 team.

The news of Ron Jackson’s passing was announced on Facebook by Chief Meteorologist Dan Henry at KDFW FOX 4. Henry expressed his sorrow and shared fond memories of Ron’s time at the station in a heartfelt statement. 

Ron’s retirement from FOX 4 several years ago allowed him to enjoy the peace and tranquility of East Texas. 

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His favorite lunch and dinner spot was El Fenix, and he often shared enjoyable meals with his colleagues, such as Mike Doocy and Dan Henry.

Ron Jackson Death Cause Linked To Accident

The exact cause of Ron Jackson’s death remains unknown, but there are indications that it may be linked to an accident.

This tweet is about the death of Ron Jackson, a retired FOX 4 meteorologist. (Source: Twitter)

However, it is worth noting that he retired from his meteorology career due to medical issues. In February 2014, Ron announced his retirement from Fox4 after 32 years, citing knee surgery and kidney stone removal as contributing factors. 

These health difficulties likely influenced his decision to retire at age 57.

It is unclear whether Ron’s passing was directly related to these medical issues or if an accident or other unforeseen circumstances occurred. 

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As the family’s privacy must be respected during this difficult time, detailed updates regarding the cause of his demise may not be immediately available.

Did Ron Jackson Have Any Illness?

Ron Jackson’s retirement announcement in 2014 sheds some light on his health struggles before passing. 

He mentioned knee surgery and kidney stone removal as factors influencing his decision to retire at 57. 

While the specific details of his medical conditions and any subsequent developments are not provided, it is apparent that these health issues significantly impacted his life and career.

The decision to retire due to medical reasons is often difficult, and it indicates the challenges that Ron Jackson faced in maintaining his physical well-being while continuing to fulfill his professional responsibilities. 

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The support and understanding from Fox4 management during his retirement process highlight the respect and admiration he garnered throughout his tenure.



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