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All Might Lives! MHA 404 Leaks And Pre-Release Spoilers Twitter

MHA or My Hero Academia is making waves on the internet these days. The series is getting more and more interesting. MHA 404 leaks and spoilers are the hot topic of discussion on Twitter these days. Let us explore some of them.

My Hero Academia or MHA is a very famous Japanese manga by famous writer Kohei Horikoshu‘.

The manga was first published in the Weekly Shonen Jump on July 7, 2014.

In the world of MHA, most people possess a special power called ‘Quirks.’

The people who use their Quirks for good become the heroes while those who misuses them becomes the villain.

Recently the release of chapter 404 of MHA has been the main topic of discussion among manga fans.

Chapter 404 of MHA Leaks and Speculations: All Might’s Fate and Bakugo’s Return

Fans are speculating that chapter 404 of MHA which has the title ‘We Love You! All Might!’ will have answers to some burning questions.

The chapter will also shed light on what is written in the future of one of the most beloved characters of the series.

There are many leaks of chapter 404 of MHA making waves on the internet.

MHA 404 Leaks
MHA 404 fans are in excitement with all the leaks that have been surfacing of MHA 404. (Source: Twitter)

We all know that All Might is currently in a battle with All For One and it’s turning more and more interesting.

According to the leaks, the result of the epic battle will be shown in chapter 404 of MHA.

All Might may take some self-destructive steps to win over All For One.

Another leak that is circulating the Twitter is that the character Bakugo will return in chapter 404 of MHA.

Bakugo was noticeably absent from the recent chapter of MHA due to the author’s health issues.

Now the fans can’t wait to see how he returns, they also want to know the whereabouts of Edgeshot.

Deku Bakugo MHA
The epic showdown between Deku and Bakugo has made the fans even more desperate for the release of MHA 404. (Source: Twitter)

Fans are also eager to know how Bakugo’s heart is doing and how is he doing after his encounter with Shigaraki.

But more than anything else the main curiosity surrounding chapter 404 remains the outcome of the battle between All Might and All For One.

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Major Hint in 404 Leaks: All For One vs. Shigaraki Showdown, Deku’s Role, and More!

Another major hint that the 404 leaks are suggesting is that we may see a confrontation between All For One and Shigaraki.

The leaks suggest that the internal power struggle between the two characters will finally evolve into a bigger fight.

The struggle is because as we all know All For One wants to take control of Shigaraki’s body but Shigaraki does not want that to happen.

The MHA fans are also discussing that Deku can be the one who will defeat Shgaraki in chapter 404.

Bakugo MHA
Bakugo’s return is going to be very interesting, let’s see if he saves All Might. (Source: Twitter)

It is because Deku is the current holder of One For All.

Many MHA fans on Twitter are speculating about Bakugo’s role in the ongoing battle.

The leaks suggest that Bakugo might help in saving All Might and will face off against All For One in chapter 404 of MHA.

However, the fans of MHA will only get to know what actually unfolds after chapter 404 released on October 22, 2023.

Let’s see how much of the MHA 404 leaks and spoilers turn out to be true.

The good news is that there is no break between chapters 404 and 405 so fans will have to wait less for it.

Till then it is indeed interesting to analyse all the leaks and spoilers of the manga.

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