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Bakugo Saved All Might? MHA Chapter 403 Spoilers, Reddit & Twitter

With a thrilling chapter and the author’s recent announcement of a break, MHA fans take to the internet to discuss chapter 403 spoilers. Find out more in this article.

Being a popular Shonen manga series, My Hero Academia has some of the best characters.

The series follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, born without unique powers in a world where everybody has one.

Further, Midoriya shows constant dedication to becoming a legendary hero despite his situation.

With the help of his idol, All Might, Midoriya sets on a journey while facing many problems and villains.

Currently, a fierce battle is ongoing between All Might and All For One, and the outcome has left fans searching for spoilers to find out if the legendary hero is safe in MHA chapter 403.

Bakugo Saved All Might? MHA Chapter 403 Spoilers

Going back, chapter 402 begins with the completion of the Todoroki and Uraraka missions by the police.

This also reveals the Twice clones disappearing off the U.A., making it easier to float without the extra weight.

However, the police confirm that All For One is close enough to Shigaraki to use Gloop Warp Quirk.

Further, he succeeds in reaching Shigaraki and turning him into a stronger version.

All Might has a powerful punch
All Might has been a mentor to all students, especially Midoriya. (Source: Twitter)

The scene then shifts to All Might calling out All For One to get his attention.

On the other side, Midoriya is fighting Shigaraki, who intends to kill everyone at the U.A.

In addition, during the chapter, the One For All vestige of All Might within Midoriya gradually disappears.

At the same moment, All Might grab All For One by the neck with his armor gauntlet.

Moreover, it was claimed in the initial part of the story that the legendary hero would be the one to defeat All For One.

Shigaraki Tomura wears a hand shaped mask
Shigaraki is the ultimate villain of the series. (Source: Instagram)

Also, if All For One dies one more time, he’ll rewind into a kindergartener.

However, the villain activates his explosive move with All Might near him in the final panel.

The chapter resolves All Might versus All For One in a spectacular manner.

But with the latest My Hero Academia chapter 403 spoilers and leaks, All Might is safe. Bakugo came and saved him from the blast.

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MHA Chapter 403 Spoilers: The End of an Era And New Beginning

With such high stakes, the current fight in the manga is particularly harrowing.

Despite All Might being in an disadvantageous position, he came out alive thanks to Bakugo.

Yes! You read it right! Bakugo, the long-lost character in MHA, makes a comeback in the 403 chapter.

As per the sources, chapter 403 starts with a memory flashback where All Might is young.

We get to see AFO destroying All Might’s gauntlet, and he uses Stain’s quirk, Bloodcurdle, to capture All Might.

Midoriya fights Shigaraki which might create a scenario for chapter 403 in MHA
Midoriya has unleashed greater powers since the beginning of the series. (Source: Twitter)

Even though AFO captured and dealt fatal blows, he did not let down his guard even a little.

He did not underestimate the power of heroes, as they are unpredictable and make powerful comebacks.

So, AFO keeps heroes occupied and does not let anyone help or save All Might. It makes Tsukauchi and Deku helpless as they cannot do a thing.

Meanwhile, Gran Torino and Mellissa also watch All Might and his miserable situation on the screen.

But, the helpless heroes hear a loud explosion noise at a distance and then appear Katsuki Bakugo, covered in blood, holding his All Might Card.

Well, not only did this scene make fans relief, but even the heroes Deku and Bakugo were also relieved.

All Might stand in the rain
The readers expect the moment of someone surpassing All Might. (Source: Twitter)

Although Bakugo was thought to be dead in the series, made a grand return, saving world’s beloved hero.

Further, many fans already had made assumptions Bakugo returns which eventually came true in this 403 chapter.

So, kudos to those expert MHA fans! They were right about All Might’s fate.

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