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Mia Isaac Wikipedia, Nationality, Ethnicity: The Lead Of Black Cake

The Hollywood actress Mia Isaac has done some incredible acting that has made a lot of people interested in finding her Wikipedia page.

Mia Isaac is a filmmaker, actress, entertainer, and writer in Hollywood. This has earned her widespread recognition and established her as a rising star in the industry.

Additionally, Mia is admired for her unique artistic vision and her ability to impress both audiences and critics with her versatile skills.

With a growing net worth and a promising career, Mia Isaac continues to amaze her fans with her acting talents and dedication to her work.

Because of her rising stardom, people search for a Wikipedia page about Mia Isaac to learn more about her life.

Mia Isaac Wikipedia: Parents And Nationality

The background and family details of the actress are a bit of a mystery.

The reason behind it is that Mia Isaac doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page. However, here’s what we know.

Mia Isaac was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, with her parents. She has a diverse heritage, with African-American and Asian roots, which have shaped her unique identity.

Likewise, Mia Isaac was born to her parents, Simone Isaac and Alfredo Isaac. 

They encouraged her to explore her artistic talents freely and have provided the foundation for her artistic development.

Mia Isaac family
Mia Isaac family-of-five celebrating New Year 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, they have given her the confidence to follow her dreams.

Meanwhile, the real name given to Mia by her parents is Mia Wei-Ming Isaac.

Furthermore, Mia has siblings: a brother, Zion Isaac, and a sister, Nylah Isaac. Her siblings are the ones who added love and richness to her life.

Additionally, she is an American by nationality and follows the Christian religion.

Similarly, her ethnicity is mixed, with Asian, African, and American descent.

For further information regarding parents and family, people will need to wait for the Wikipedia page of Mia Isaac.

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Mia Isaac’s Early Life And Age

People have also been searching for the Wikipedia page Mia Isaac as they were curious about her age. 

Mia Isaac was born on May 24, 2004, and in 2023, she is 19 years old.

From a young age, Mia showed a natural talent for acting, and her love for it grew stronger. 

Moreover, she got deeply involved in her high school’s drama group at Grady’s High School in Malaysia, where she worked on improving her acting skills.

Mia Isaac in black dress in whit sheet bed
Even as a young performer, she captivated audiences with her remarkable skills. (Source: Instagram)

Over time, she even sent her work to auditions, but unfortunately, she didn’t get any responses.

After facing several rejections, she became determined to succeed and asked for an agent. 

While Mia had a strong passion for storytelling and movies since she was a child, her parents didn’t take her dream seriously at first.

However, she kept insisting, and eventually, her parents supported her by taking her to an agent called Osbrink Talent Agency.

Therefore, her childhood passion for acting made her a rising star at such a young age.

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Mia Isaac’s Career Detail And Net Worth

Mia Isaac’s journey as an actress began at a tender age.

In 2019, her breakthrough came when she secured a significant role in the movie Lovestruck, portraying the character of Claire.

Continuing her momentum, 2022 marked a pivotal year for Mia as she took on two more challenging roles in prominent films.

In Not Okay, she embodied the character of Rowan, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Mia Isaac standing with her cast in red carpet
Her acting career began when she auditioned for Don’t Make Me Go. (Source: Instagram)

Simultaneously, she graced the screen as Wally Park in Don’t Make Me Go, further solidifying her position as a rising star in the film industry.

Her creative prowess extended to crafting compelling stories, leading to her involvement in projects such as You Could Have Done Better and The Cancel Club.

Currently, Mia Isaac is a lead actor in a movie called Black Cake.

She plays the role of a runaway bride who unexpectedly vanishes on a Jamaican beach. 

Meanwhile, Mia Isaac has an estimated net worth of about $1 million as of July 2023—her net worth results from her appearances in several movies and television shows.

Hence, Mia Issac has achieved great success in her career and has become an inspiration for young upcoming actors and actresses.

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