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Micah Meggs Accident Cause of His Death: Olivia Plath Brother Died in Motorcycle Collision

Micah Meggs Accident: Olivia Plath’s younger brother died following a motorcycle collision. Here’s what we know.

Micah Meggs was a young boy from the United States of America, and his name made headlines after being recognized as the younger brother of Olivia Plath.

His sister Olivia is a rising reality television star who gained widespread recognition after appearing in a TLC reality television series named Welcome To Plathville.

Furthermore, the Plath family is mourning the death of their beloved member Micah. Olivia announced her younger brother’s death, which shocked the world.

Micah Meggs Accident and Cause of His Death

Olivia Meggs’ younger brother Micah Meggs died in an accident. The deadly accident on May 4, 2023, took his life away. His cause of death is said to be injuries. 

Reportedly, Olivia’s younger brother was struck while driving on the road and passed away at the scene. On Tuesday, Olivia announced she was on a social media break as her family mourned her brother’s death.

Micah Meggs Accident
Micah Meggs died at the age of 15 after getting struck by a vehicle while riding a bicycle. ( Source: Facebook )

After that, everyone began paying tribute to the late soul, and the Plath family also received huge support and condolence messages.

A person paid tribute to Meggs, writing, “Our hearts are broken; if you know this family, count your blessings.” 

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Olivia Plath Brother Micah Meggs Died in Motorcycle Collision

Olivia Plath’s brother Micah Meggs was engaged in a motorcycle collision which took his life away on May 4, 2023. At the time of his death, he was just 15 years old.

Franklin County news outlet The Roanoke Times reported that Meggs was riding his electric bicycle around 10 pm in the right lane of a main highway when a Honda Accord in the same direction struck him.

It is reported that the vehicle was purportedly traveling in the same lane as Micah. The Police report claimed that Micah was pronounced dead at the scene while the driver was not injured.

Olivia Plath Brother
Olivia Plath and her family is mourning the death of her brother, who was killed in an accident on May 4, 2023. ( Source: Twitter )

Following that, the family also released an obituary describing Micah as a loving kid who used to have fun. Furthermore, Micah also suffered from cerebral palsy pushed by a brachial plexus injury that occurred during his birth. 

Due to that, it made him difficult to do the things he enjoyed so much, but the 15-year-old boy never complained or let himself be limited by his disability.

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Who Killed Olivia Plath Brother Micah Meggs?

The younger brother of Olivia Plath, Micah Meggs, was killed after getting into an accident. He was struck by a Honda Accord while driving an electric bicycle.

As said earlier, the driver who drove a Honda Accord that hit Micah was not injured. Due to privacy reasons, Police have not revealed the person’s name, age, or gender.

Olivia Plath’s brother Micah Meggs was a fun-loving kid. ( Source: Facebook )

However, they have said that the crash is under investigation, and if needed, they will give some updates about it soon. On the other hand, Micah’s family is mourning his death, and they have asked for donations to the United Brachial Plexus Network (UBPN).

Moreover, the Genius Celebs team also pays tribute to Micah Meggs and our condolence to the devasted family members. 

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