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Michael Jackson Autopsy Pic 2023: What Is Shocking Revelation?

The untimely death of the legendary singer and dancer Michael Jackson left the world saddened for over a decade, but recently, an increased curiosity was observed when sources started talking about the autopsy reports. So, what is the new update?

Michael Joseph Jackson was born in the year 1958 on August 29.

The King of Pop was one of the most famous public figures of the 20th century.

He greatly impacted the world of music, dance, and fashion at a time when people were into classical music.

Sadly, the world was left in shock after the legendary pop icon died in the year 2009 at the age of 50.

The death was shocking because everyone thought he was doing just fine and was booked for another tour.

However, a new autopsy of Michael Jackson has come forward in 2023, leaving everyone in shock.

2023 Autopsy Of Michael Jackson Reveals Scars, Injections, And Mysterious Bruises

Revelations were made that Michael Jackson’s death was because of a surgical anesthetic propofol overdose.

However, many of his fans did not want to believe what they heard.

The fans of Michael Jackson from all around the world wanted the officials to make his autopsy public.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson was a hard-working individual, and it was visible in his performance. (Source: Twitter)

They made it public, and what came to light was that the pop icon was dealing with many hidden health battles.

He had many scars on his body, including puncture marks from injections.

The scars were mostly from his various cosmetic procedures and also from injecting drugs for his chronic insomnia.

Likewise, Michael Jackson had puncture marks on his hips, thighs, and shoulders.

Many believed that he was also injecting various painkillers into himself.

Similarly, most scars were on his arms, wrists, and neck. The doctors who did his autopsy believe that they are from his various operations.

He also had many mysterious bruises on the area of his knees.

MJ autopsy
The autopsy of Michael Jackson is shedding light on his struggles with health. (Source: Twitter)

The 2023 autopsy also shows that Michael Jackson had various cuts on his back, which may have appeared from a fall he had before his death.

It is not a hidden fact that Michael could have gone overboard with his cosmetic surgeries.

He was tattooing his lips pink and his eyebrows and scalp black to match his hairline.

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Michael Jackson’s Tragic Decline: Pills, Pain, and Hidden Health Struggles

A source close to Michael Jackson says that Michael had turned into skin and bone, as he was eating nothing but pills when he died.

The injection marks and the scars suggest that he was going through a terminal decline for some years.

He also had a burn mark on his head, which occurred after an accident on the set of a Pepsi commercial in 1984.

He was using a bald patch to cover the burn mark.

The incident on the Pepsi commercial set started Michael Jackson’s downward spiral.

Michael Jackson young
Michael Jackson had immense talent, and it only got better with his age. (Source: Twitter)

He began taking painkillers to deal with his injuries, and it was the beginning of his addiction.

The 2023 autopsy also reveals a big rumor about Michael Jackson regarding his skin color.

For many years, people believed that he had undergone a skin-lightening procedure.

However, the 2023 autopsy confirms that Michael Jackson had a condition called vitiligo, which caused his skin to lose pigment.

Another revelation made by the 2023 autopsy is that Michael Jackson had a terrible fungal infection on his feet, which is why he always wore socks.

His feet were rotting, so he did not show them throughout all these years.

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