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Michael Stern Net Worth: How Rich Is Sarah Stern Father? Meet His Wife Carla Stern

Many people are interested in learning Michael Stern net worth; read more about it.

People know Michael Stren as the Father of Sarah Stren, who was widely well-known on the Internet after her childhood friend killed her.

Sarah was a student who was killed at 19. She got murdered by two people who have been facing charges for the crime since 2016.

According to the report, she went missing from her House on December 2, 2016; she got robbed by two of her friends and later killed in her House. 

During high school, Sarah was a passionate child; she participated in different sports, swimming and softball.

Along with the news of Sarah’s death, people have been interested to know about her parents. So, who are they?

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Michael Stern Net Worth: How Rich Is Sarah Stern’s Father?

Sarah Stern was born to Michael Stern; she shared a great relationship with her Father. 

Michael works as a Former Facilities Inspector and Quality Control at Brookdale Community College. Along with being Inspector, she served in the position of project manager at D & K construction. 

Sarah Stern with her father Michael Stern before 2016.
Sarah Stern with her father Michael Stern, before 2016. (Image Source: The Cinemaholic)

This means his earnings include both jobs he has been involved in; the exact amount of his net worth has yet to be mentioned, but with the data, we can say that his net worth is $80,000 in 2023.

The average salary of a Quality control and former facilities inspector is $35,018 per year. And the project manager’s salary, as per Source, is $84,375 annually. 

Stern is just an ordinary person who earns from his regular job. He became the headline of many news after his daughter was murdered, and the news was spread worldwide. 

Stren shared pictures of his daughter and status about Sarah’s birthday. It was hard for him to accept that she was murdered at 16.

Meet Michael Stern’s Wife, Carla Stern

Michael Stren was married to Carla Stren; the couple shared a great bond. The pair was thrilled to have a small family with their daughter Sarah.

But, Caral died in 2013 battling Cancer; she was a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She owned a bookstore, which was closed because of her Cancer. 

Caral belonged to mixed ethnicity, and she believed in Christianity. The couple was delighted together, but she left him behind, battling Cancer for a long time.

Rare picture of Michael Stern Wife, Carla Stern.
A rare picture of Michael Stern’s Wife, Carla Stern. (Image Source: Find a Grave)

Stren never expected that he would lose her wife and daughter within three years gap. Stren worked hard and stayed strong, and continued his life.

Caral and Michael celebrated Sarah’s birthday together; he shared pictures of them on social media after Sarah died. 

Sarah was strangled by the two murderers who killed her for money. Her Father disagreed with the Police department, and more than three years of investigation were on. 

But, Sarah’s body was never found; it was heartbreaking for the Father to hear the news; he lost his wife in 2013 and her only family, her daughter, in 2016.

After the death of both, people are curious to learn what he has been doing; he has been living and continuing his work and living a great life. 

Michael has not shared any romantic relationship in public till now, which might mean he has not got involved with any other women till now.

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