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Meet Michelle Dee Grandmother Teresita Esguera Perez And Grandfather Artemio Marquez Sr.

Learn the stories about Michelle Dee grandmother and get to know the legacy and the cherished moments with her grandmother that shaped her life.

Michelle Daniela Marquez Dee is a Filipino actress, model, TV presenter, and beauty queen.

She was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2023 and previously triumphed at Miss World Philippines 2019, reaching the Top 12 in London.

A multi-talented personality, Dee has left an indelible mark in the realms of entertainment and pageantry, showcasing her charisma on both national and international stages.

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Who Are Michelle Dee Grandmother Teresita Esguera Perez And Grandfather Artemio Marquez Sr.? 

Michelle’s roots trace back to a family deeply embedded in Filipino culture and pageantry. Her maternal grandmother is Teresita Esguerra Perez, whose identity extends beyond the confines of familial ties.

Unfortunately, specific details about Teresita Esguerra Perez are not provided in the information available.

On the paternal side, Michelle Dee’s grandfather is Artemio Marquez Sr.

While details about Artemio are also limited, the Marquez surname suggests a connection to a family with a history of involvement in beauty pageants.

Michelle Dee Grandmother
Michelle Dee’s roots intertwine with a pageant legacy, emphasizing grace and excellence. (Image Source: Rappler)

Moreover, Michelle’s cousin, Winwyn Marquez, is another testament to the family’s pageant legacy.

Winwyn was crowned Miss Reina Hispanoamericana in 2017, showcasing the family’s continued success in beauty competitions.

In understanding Dee’s journey, it is evident that she comes from a family where pageantry is not just a personal pursuit but a tradition passed down through generations.

The family’s involvement in beauty pageants and Michelle’s accomplishments underscores a commitment to grace, poise, and excellence.

Meet Michelle Dee Parents: Melanie Marquez And Derek Dee

Michelle Dee, born Michelle Daniela Marquez Dee on April 24, 1995, is the daughter of renowned Filipino personalities Melanie Marquez and Derek Dee.

Michelle’s lineage is a blend of beauty, talent, and accomplishment, with her parents contributing significantly to the entertainment industry in the Philippines.

Michelle’s mother, Melanie Marquez, is a distinguished figure in the world of beauty pageants and entertainment.

Melanie achieved international fame when she was crowned Miss International in 1979 at the tender age of 15, making her the youngest-ever recipient of the coveted crown.

Beyond her success in pageantry, Melanie showcased her versatility by winning the Face of the 80s competition in New York in 1985 and securing the first runner-up in the Supermodel competition the following year.

Michelle Dee Grandmother
Michelle Dee, daughter of Melanie Marquez and Derek Dee, embodies their legacy. (Image Source: Rappler)

Her journey extended to the 2005 Mrs. World pageant in India, where she reached the finals.

Melanie’s influence extends to mentoring and coaching aspiring models, including notable personalities like Ruffa Gutierrez.

Additionally, she has left a lasting mark as an accomplished actress with a lead role in her biopic, highlighting her contributions to various facets of the entertainment industry.

Michelle’s father, Derek Dee, is a well-known character actor and producer. Notably, he has played roles in films such as “Rumble Boy,” “Maglulupa man ako,” and “Die xue rou quing.”

Despite his success in the entertainment field, Derek opted to transition into business, showcasing a diversified career path.

Melanie and Derek form a powerhouse couple, combining beauty and talent with business acumen. Born into this legacy, Michelle has inherited a rich cultural and artistic heritage.

The family’s journey is marked by achievements in the glamorous world of pageantry and entertainment and a commitment to excellence and versatility.

As she continues to make her mark in modeling, acting, and hosting, Michelle Dee stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of her talented and accomplished parents.

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