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Michelle Dee No Makeup Look: Plastic Surgery Before And After

Michelle Dee No Makeup Look: the 2023 Miss Universe Phillippines removed her makeup in an episode of Barefaced Beauty and proved that she needs no makeup to shine.

Michelle Dee is an actress, model, television host, and beauty pageant title holder. She was crowned Miss Universe Phillippines 2023.

Michelle Dee will represent her country at the 72nd Miss Universe pageant competition in El Salvador. The Makati native won Miss World Philippines 2019 and represented the Phillippines at the Miss World 2019 pageant in London, England. She reached to top 12 finalists.

Nowadays, we can rarely see people without makeup. Social media has only a few pictures without filters and heavy makeup. But Michelle Dee flaunted her makeup-free face. She showed that she doesn’t need makeup to prove that she is real beauty pageant material.

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Michelle Dee No Makeup Look – Before And After

Michelle Dee removed her makeup in an episode of Barefaced Beauty. While removing her makeup, the 2023 Miss Universe Philippines explained her cleaning and skincare routine.

Michelle Dee No Makeup
Michelle Dee with makeup (left) and without makeup (right). (Image Source: YouTube)

2019 Miss World Philippines Michelle Dee uses a systematic approach to remove her makeup.

Years of modeling and preparation to become a beauty queen have taught the proud morena that less is more. Mainly if your products are as effective as her choices.

Michelle carefully describes her skincare and cleansing process in the Barefaced Beauty episode, encouraging you to spend money on the best makeup remover wipes and serums for flawless and radiant skin.

At the end of the video, the Filipino model proves that she doesn’t need makeup to be a beauty queen. There was barely any difference with and without the look of the Filipino model.

Several people admired her beauty and how radiant she looked, even without makeup.

Michelle Dee Plastic Surgery News

The word beautiful might not be enough to describe Michelle Dee’s beauty. She has flawless skin, a perfect facial structure and a stunning body. On top of that, her bright smile makes her stand out from the crowd.

With such beauty, anyone is set to attract plastic surgery rumors. Many people also speculate that the Filipino beauty queen underwent a knife. However, there have been no official reports about it.

Thus, Michelle Dee’s plastic surgery rumors are false. Moreover, the gorgeous lady has been involved in the modeling industry for a long time. As a result, she must have taken great care of her body and face.

We can guess her dedication to her skincare routine in the Barefaced Beauty episode. To conclude, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure might not be the only explanations for someone’s beauty.

Michelle Dee Is The Daughter Of Former Beauty Queen Melanie Marquez

Michelle Dee was born on 24 April 1995 in Makati, Metro Manila, Phillippines.

Michelle Dee No Makeup
Michelle Dee is the daughter of a former supermodel and beauty queen, Melanie Marquez. (Image Source: Instagram)

Her father, Frederick “Derek” Dee, is a businessman, filmmaker and a former character actor. On the other hand, her mother, Melanie Marquez, is a former supermodel, actress, and beauty queen.

Michelle Dee’s mother is the winner of the 1979 Miss International. Dee C. Chuan, who founded the Philippines’ Chinabank, was Michelle’s paternal grandfather’s brother.

Her paternal grandma, Regina Y. Dee, an heiress and philanthropist, was the daughter of Yu Hung-chun, a former premier of Taiwan.

Her maternal grandmother Teresita Esguera Perez was a socialite and an activist for women’s rights. Similarly, her maternal grandfather was the director Artemio Marquez, Sr. Joey Marquez, a politician, actor, and former PBA player, is her maternal uncle.

Maxine is Dee’s only sibling. The young beauty pageant winner has five maternal half-siblings – Miguelito, Mazen, Adam Jr., and Abraham.

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