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Michelle Wu Parents: Father Han Wu And Mother Yu Min

Amidst backlash, the Boston mayor, Michelle Wu, draws attention to her parents as netizens want to learn more about her family background.

Born on January 14, 1985, Michelle Wu is an American politician serving as the mayor of Boston since 2021.

She is the first woman and non-white person to have been elected mayor of the capital.

Further, Michelle is a member of the Democratic party who has dedicated her career to bringing significant changes.

The political member is considered a progressive person and a follower of Elizabeth Warren.

However, Michelle’s misstep for her holiday party has resulted in serious backlash in the media.

As she makes news headlines, many shift their focus toward the parents and upbringing of Michelle Wu.

Michelle Wu Parents: Father Han Wu And Mother

Despite being a well-known political figure, Michelle Wu has managed to keep details about her parents away from the public.

However, she has spoken about her guardians in a few instances during interviews.

Michelle Wu was born to Taiwanese-American parents in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois.

Michelle Wu as a baby
Michelle’s parents wanted her to be a doctor. (Source: Twitter)

Further, the Illinois Institute of Technology offered a spot as a graduate student to her father, Han Wu.

However, Han and his wife, Yu Min, barely spoke English, which was a challenge in the immigrant household.

So, Michelle served as their interpreter from the age of 4 or 5 to help them navigate the brutal world of bureaucracy.

Moreover, the politician has revealed that her parents encouraged her to range widely but expected her to be the best in everything.

So, Michelle and her two younger siblings always worked to make their parents proud.

Similarly, her parents wanted her to go into medicine, as they viewed it as a stable lifestyle, and politics was off the table as Han and Yu fled famine and civil war in China to reach the States.

Michelle Wu mother
Michelle dealt with several hardships in her early 20s. (Source: Twitter)

However, after her parents’ divorce, Michelle stepped up as the guardian of her siblings as her mother had schizophrenia.

Later, frustrated by the bureaucratic obstacles, Michelle enrolled at Harvard Law School.

The decision brought her mother and sister back to Boston, where they have lived for over a decade.

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Wu Plans No Whites Holiday Party: Invitations Draw Serious Criticism

The spotlight was fixed on the parents of Michelle Wu right after her accidental holiday invite.

The democratic leader sparked outrage after inviting city councilors to a party intended only for ‘electeds of color.’

Michelle’s aide, Denise DosSantos, mistakenly sent the mail to all councilors.

Michelle Wu with Mayor Choi
Michelle aims to build an inclusive future. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, DosSantos followed up the email 15 minutes later, apologizing for the mistake.

She clarified that she intended the mail for the city’s six councilors of color and other white officials were not invited.

Additionally, the move quickly divided Boston’s city council as many questioned the mayor’s judgment.

Michael McCormack, former Boston city councilor, said Michelle hosting an exclusive party is not typical of her office.

However, the leader’s spokesperson clarified that the Electeds of Color group asked Michelle to initiate the event.

Similarly, the mayor’s office added that Michelle was planning a larger holiday event for all her cabinet members.

Michelle in Boston
Michelle is the first Asian-American woman to be Boston’s mayor. (Source: Instagram)

While the move offended many, others defended her actions and showed their support.

In addition, council members like Ruthzee Louijeune stated that Michelle wanted to create a safe space for people with the holiday event.

Communities and identities with shared experiences come together during the yearly party.

Regardless, it will be difficult for Michelle to face her council members for a while after such an error.

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