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Watch Mid Pacific Baseball Social Media Video: Racial Controversy

Mid Pacific Baseball Video is all over social media, creating buzz, and many have warned to watch the video. But what is in the video? Let us find out.

The Internet has changed the concept of consuming good and bad content on video-sharing platforms because users come across questionable content often.

The most recent one was when the video of the Mid-Pacific Baseball team went viral.

Furthermore, students and Mid Pacific Baseball team followers have shared the edits, comments, and video everywhere on social media.

After the video on social media went viral, media houses have also written about the content of the video.

The 56-second video by the Mid Pacific Baseball team has made a sensation on social media, but there is still confusion about the video.

Watch Mid Pacific Baseball Social Media Video! Here’s Why!

Mid Pacific Institution is a reputed institution in Hawaii with students coming in to study worldwide.

Since the school is known to create a friendly and diverse environment for children to learn, students from Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc study here.

But the recently viral video is far from the truth of the institution’s disciplinary bubble.

The Mid-Pacific Baseball Team posted the 56-second video on social media on February 17 by the Mid-Pacific Baseball team.

Staffs and students at Mid Pacific Institute.
The Mid-Pacific Baseball Team video was first uploaded on Instagram. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, the video includes hate speech and sexual assault references.

Eleven students from the baseball team dressed in grey-green jackets with the logo of Mid Pacific made the video.

The video can appear fun to viewers initially as it is captioned as

 If you had one superpower, what would it be, and why ?

Surrounding of Mid Pacific Institution.
Mid-Pacific Institute is a private, co-educational college preparatory school. (Source: Hawaii News Now)

The students joked about the topic in their responses, using references to sexual assaults.

They also went on to talk about having the power to enslave someone.

Additionally, other responses included talks about rape, disability, and bestiality with racial slurs.

In the video, other students make noises of laughter in the background in disturbing and disrespectful responses.

Mid Pacific baseball team recorded most of the video at the campus site; the remaining appeared at someone’s private home and was posted on social media on Friday.

Furthermore, parents all around the world should be aware of the video and make a conscious decision about their kid’s education.

Nevertheless, upon reporting, some apps have deleted the video, which is prevalent in some video-sharing apps.

Upon multiple reports, the school has decided to take administrative disciplinary action. Let us find out more about it.

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Racial Controversy And The Response Of The Institution

A newspaper named Star-Advertisement first reported the video.

After the newspaper asked for a response from the institution, they said,

A video including hate speech and other injurious conduct was forwarded to Mid-Pacific administration Thursday morning. The content of the video is shocking and in direct conflict with Mid-Pacific’s values and commitment to student safety, 

The school has made commitments to take disciplinary action against students in the video.

Mid Pacific staff and students with banner.
The high school was established in 1908. (Source: Facebook)

The school’s administration is investigating the incident and deciding on disciplinary action per their code of conduct.

Nonetheless, the school president, Paul Turnbull, further assured,

The safety and well-being of our students are our top priority. Hate speech or other injurious conduct are examples of actions that are in direct misalignment to our commitment to the well-being of our students.

Nonetheless, the administration has not given a detailed response about how many students will be held accountable.

The institution has also not provided information about the necessary steps the school would take to restrict similar cases in the future.

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