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Mika Salamanca Scandal With H2WO: Why Is The YouTuber Trending On the Internet?

The Mika Salamanca scandal has gone viral on Porn sites and is currently trending online.

A Filipino YouTube vlogger and social media influencer named Mika Salamanca became well-known for her song covers. She also posts videos of herself dancing and demonstrating her way of life. 

Despite starting her YouTube channel in May 2014, Salamanca didn’t post content until 2017. She became highly well-known there for her lifestyle and fashion vlogging, in addition to those that showed off her private life.

She gained attention online after being detained by Honolulu Police last year for violating quarantine laws in Hawaii.

Mika Salamanca Scandal With H2WO: Why Is She Trending?

Recently, Mika Salamanca’s Scandal has been viral on Porn sites. People search for her Scandal on porn sites, including videos of her engaging in sexual activities.

However, the videos are not related to H2WO. One of the top athletes in the Nexplay Esports Ecosystem is H2WO, John Paul Salonga. 

Mika Salamanca's Scandal has been spreading like a wildfire on the Internet.
Mika Salamanca’s Scandal has been spreading like wildfire on the Internet. (Source: mb.com)

There is no other information about the Scandal. The viral videos might also not be authentic since they could be edited.

Mika Salamanca Relationship Timeline With H2WO

Mika Salamanca, a well-known online personality, publicly declared her relationship with John Paul Salonga, also known as H2WO, a professional Mobile Legends (ML) player, on social media in 2021.

In each of their vlogs, they were seen hanging out. Announcing their relationship on social media ended months of rumors that they were a couple.

Mika Salamanca revealed about her secret relationship with Pro ML Player H2WO in 2021.
Mika Salamanca revealed her secret relationship with Pro ML Player H2WO in 2021. (Source: newspapers)

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Mika shared some of their “kilig” moments on YouTube before announcing their relationship. Fans and backers of the couple responded to the news of their relationship.

H2WO gushed the internet users with the words “I LOVE YOU” in the comment section.

Why Was Mika Salamanca Arrested?

In 2020, Hawaii Police arrested YouTuber Mika Salamanca for violating quarantine laws.

Salamanca was detained by Honolulu authorities on Friday, July 24, for violating Hawaii’s requirement that all foreign visitors and returning residents submit to a 14-day self-quarantine.

A KITV4 ABC Island News report states that Mika arrived in Hawaii on July 6 after traveling from Manila. The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) discovered on July 10, four days later, that she had been seen dining out in public with friends and dancing, as shown by videos provided by witnesses. She was there, according to the establishment’s owner as well.

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Before that, on July 23, the social media influencer posted an apology vlog in which she acknowledged her error in leaving Hawaii as soon as she arrived.

Mika Salamanca’s Family Bailed Her Out

Mika, also from Alabama, was detained in Waipahu, an area of the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. Her family members put up $2,000 bail to free her.

Mika argued in her defense that Police had visited her home and assured her she was in no danger if the results of her swab test were negative, which they were. She was then free to leave.

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However, the Special Agents from the Department of the Attorney General’s Investigations Division made it clear that they never suggest to people who have a negative COVID-19 test to break self-quarantine.


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