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Mike Vrabel Eye Injury: What Happened To Him? Health Update

Twitter was exploding after Mike Vrabel eye video went viral on the platform. So what happened to him? Is he really injured? 

American Football trainer Mike Vrabel is the current NFL team Tennessee Titans coach. After his appearance as a coach in 2018, the team is making steady progress.

Likewise, Vrabel has played for three teams over his lifetime as a linebacker in the NFL. The fan-favorite competitor was in top-notch condition for a long span of 10 years.

Now, what happened to the once-great player as a coach? Is he really injured and hurt his eye? Could you stick with us to find out?

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What Happened To The Football Coach? Mike Vrabel Eye Injury

Of course, the fan gets intrigued not just by Mike’s profession but also by his mentoring ability.

However, many people are keen to know about Mike Vrabel’s eye injury. So why this sudden shift after people saw something which is surprising?

Many believe that the Tennessee Titans coach has amblyopia.

Mike Vrabel interview
Mike Vrabel was giving a post-match interview. (Source: CBS Sports)

Amblyopia, aka lazy eye, is a condition of poor vision that generally occurs in just one eye. But the lazy eye can also happen in both eyes. This rare eye condition develops if the brain cannot distinguish sight from one eye.

Nonetheless, Vrabel has never confirmed the news. Also, he hasn’t reacted to his injury talks. So, it is difficult to uncover anything important to the subject. Yet we have tried to break down Vrabel’s eye injury as precisely as possible.

Although no other eye injury of the coach is accounted for, he seems to have a lazy eye. His left eye seems not to be working to the full limit.

Cross-checking every portion of Vrabel’s pictures and videos, his left eye turns much more modest in an obvious way. It seems as if he is contracting his eye way more to see clear vision.

Thus, many guessed that Vrabel might have a lethargic eye.

Hence, this might have created discussions across various social media platforms regarding the coach eye problem.

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Health Update Of The Titan Coach

Currently, there is no update regarding Vrabel’s eye injury. As mentioned earlier, he has remained silent regarding this topic.

However, talking about his health update, the Tennessee Titan coach had tested COVID positive earlier in August 2021. Fortunately, he never showed any existent symptoms at that time.

Mike Vrabel press conference
Mike Vrabel during a press conference. (Source: Music City Miracles)

Moreover, Vrabel had no health updates on one of his players, Taylor Lewan, in 2022, who left September’s game with a knee injury.

Likewise, he is a private man and shies away from different media platforms. He is only active on Twitter but shares only game-related stuff and tweets.

Unknown Facts About Mike Vrabel

Here are some interesting facts about the football coach.

  • Vrabel is the coach of several famous NFL players, including Jadevon Clowney, JJ Watt, Whitney Mercilus, and more.
  • Mike has a hidden talent; he paints amazing art sometimes when free.
  • The sportsman got a scholarship at one of the globally acclaimed universities, Ohio State University.
  • Mike’s full name is Michael George Vrabel, and Australia is one of his favorite travel destinations.

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