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Is Mikki Mase Arrested? Cheating Scandal and Controversy

Mikki Mase arrested news is trending, but there are no facts about the online gambling figure being detained. Keep reading to find out more.

Mikki Mase is a famous online gambling figure who is widely famous for sharing his incredible wins and casino experiences on his Instagram handle, where we can find him as @dirtygothboi.

Mase says to have started gambling from a young age, long before his professional gambling career. After a troubled youth and some jail time, Mase chose to be clean and let his business side take over.

Furthermore, Mike is also an active YouTube user, and he has also shared some videos on his channel. As of now, he has gained over 8.12k subscribers on his channel.

Is Mikki Mase Arrested?

As of now, Mikki Mase has not been arrested, but people are heavily searching for the news. It seems like the arrest news may be from the past, which recently got hyped more.

As we know, Mikki’s story is pretty unique. In his early days, Mase went from selling drugs to going in and out of jail over what he could count. 

Mikki Mase Arrested
Mikki Mase often shares photos with celebrities on his Instagram and above, he is pictured with Drake. ( Source: Instagram )

Due to that, Mase’s chaotic back story gave him the motivation and drive required to become a refined, estimated master of High Stakes Gambling. 

So, it can be said that Mase’s arrest story is from the past, as there are no current reports of him being detained.

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Mikki Mase Cheating Scandal and Controversy Explained

Mikki Mase once came into media prominence after revealing a cheating scandal. As we know, he has won good money from casinos, but he holds them with contempt.

Mase has reportedly caught casinos cheating on numerous occasions. Mikki once described one encounter where the casino had just introduced a new interface to help players with their baccarat plan. 

However, Mikki noticed the computer was showing incorrect data after the hands. While it was accurately displaying the number of victories attributed to the player or bank, it was not portraying the correct card varieties used in those wins/losses. This means that it was providing false information to players.

mikki mase cheating
Mikki Mase has talked about the casino cheating scandal in some interviews. ( Source: YouTube )

When Mase questioned the data and further accused the casino of cheating, he was perma-banned from the area. While talking about these issues in interviews, his videos have gone viral.

Also, his Instagram bio reads he has been exiled from Vegas, which hints that the line is related to the incident about the casino cheating scandal.

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How Much Is Mikki Mase Net Worth?

Mikki Mase has a net worth in the six figures, but the actual amount has not been revealed yet. However, many online portals have claimed that Mikki is worth over $10 million.

There is no shadow of a doubt that he has earned most of his gains from being a prominent gambler. His Instagram posts also show that Mikki is living his life to the fullest in a luxurious way.

Mikki Mase Net Worth
Mikki Mase showcases his amazing wealth via his Instagram handle. ( Source: Instagram )

We can see him sharing videos and photos with a chunk of cash. This makes it clear that Mase has an impressive bank balance. 

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