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Miklos Feher Wife: Relationship Timeline With Adrienn Kaibás

Adrienn Kaibás is a former fiancee of Miklos Feher, a footballer who unexpectedly lost his life almost two decades ago. Where is she now?

As Marcus Aurelius’ quote says, “Death smiles at us; all a man can do is smile back.” Miklos Feher was a Hungarian footballer who died tragically on 25 January 2004.

On the day of his tragic passing, the striker was in Guimares to compete against Vitória de Guimares while representing Benfica.

 The match was being broadcasted live on TV. Benfica was leading the game 1-0. After being brought on as a substitute, Fehér helped score the match’s only goal. However, he was given a yellow card in injury time.

The striker quickly bent forward, appearing in pain before falling back to the ground. Local and international media reported his condition all day before he was pronounced dead at midnight. His death cause was reported to be a cardiac arrhythmia.

It has been almost two decades (nineteen years) since the world lost a talented footballer. Let’s look at where his family and partner, Adrienn Kaibás, are now.

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Miklos Feher Wife: Relationship Timeline With Adrienn Kaibás

Adrienn Kaibás is a former fiancee of Miklós Fehér. They dated for a long time and were reportedly engaged before the talented football player died tragically at 24.

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It is not clear how the pair crossed paths. However, the former couple began dating in 2000 and shared a solid bond with one another.

Miklos Feher wife
Miklos Feher and his then-fiancee, Adrienn Kaibás. (Image Source: Facebook)

The footballer’s former fiancee has talked about her grief with several media outlets.

In an interview with Story Magazine, Kaibás recalled the tragic day. Adrienn, who referred to her former partner as Miki, said, the footballer would call her within an hour after each game.

But Adrienn Kaibás’ phone didn’t ring on the day Miklos died. That’s how she sensed something was wrong with him and around him.

The footballer’s former partner tried tirelessly to reach him. After some time, one of Feher’s teammates picked up his cell phone, explained the incident, and kept reassuring her.

Adrienn Kaibás said she didn’t understand anything Miklos’ teammate said and didn’t believe him.

The striker’s then-fiancee must have been tormented with confusion and grief.

Adrienn Kaibás Is A Married Woman With Two Kids

No matter what, life goes on. No matter how significant the loss was, one must move forward. Miklos Feher’s girlfriend also moved forward. She now leads a beautiful family, which includes her husband and their two children.

Adrienn Kaibás tied the knot with retired Hungarian ice hockey player Krisztián Palkovics in May 2006. Palkovics played for Alba Volán Székesfehérvár. The former ice hockey player retired in 2012.

The couple has two adorable children – Krisztián and Emili. However, Adrienn and Krisztián are no longer together. They have already parted ways.

Miklos Feher wife
Adrienn Kaibás is a proud mother of two children, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Krisztián Palkovics. (Image Source: Facebook)

Miklos Feher’s former partner said her ex-husband was a good father and believed Miklos sent him to her.

Miklos Feher Former Fiancee Adrienn Kaibás Is An Entrepreneur

As of the 2019’s report, Adrienn Kaibás worked as an entrepreneur and real estate developer. She appeared to be doing well.

Adrienn said her work and children fill her day and her life entirely.

“I’m not yet looking for my future partner; I’m seeking my place in the world. Even now, losing Miki hurts because he is still here with me and in my heart,” remarked Miklos’ former fiancee.

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