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Mississippi Shooting: Who Was Chase Harmon? 19-Year-Old Boy Shot To Death

Who was Chase Harmon? Many are searching for the answer to this specific question, as Chase was declared dead in the Mississippi shooting.

Just before midnight local time, police were called to a shooting at The Scratch Kitchen in Ocean Springs, which is east of Biloxi.

According to Ocean Springs Police Capt. Ryan LeMaire, the responding police discovered seven shooting victims at the site, including a juvenile who had passed away from his wounds.

The victim of a late-night shooting at The Scratch Kitchen restaurant in downtown Ocean Springs has been identified as a kid from the Mississippi Coast.

The Scratch Kitchen is located on a busy street in the center of Ocean Springs that is lined with restaurants and nightclubs. There were Cinco de Mayo specials at the time of the shooting.

Authorities said that a shooting occurred at a restaurant along the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Friday night, leaving one adolescent dead and six others wounded.

In less than a week, two large-scale shootings have occurred on the Mississippi Coast. After being shot at a Bay St. Louis after-prom party, two Hancock High students died.

Mississippi Shooting: Who Was Chase Harmon?

Who was Chase Harmon? Chase Harmon was a normal teenager who was a native of Pascagoula.

Many are continuously searching for the question, “Who was Chase Harmon?” since he was the only person known to have died in the Mississippi shooting.

According to James Prisock, a deputy coroner for Jackson County, Chase Harmon, who was 19 years old, seemed to have died from a single gunshot wound.

According to Ocean Springs Police Chief Mark Dunston, Harmon, and six other people were shot during the Cinco de Mayo celebration on the restaurant terrace.

The other victims were sent to a local hospital for treatment. The injured victims’ conditions have not been made public.

Who Was Chase Harmon?
Details about Chase Harmon are not available on the internet. (Source: SunHerald)

A DJ was present for the Scratch Kitchen’s celebration, which drew about 200 guests. No one expected any horrific activity to be performed in the scratch kitchen.

One of the customers told the Sun Herald that she attempted to perform CPR on Harmon after he collapsed.

Unfortunately, Chase was announced dead, and later authorities released the statement identifying Chase Harmon, 19, of Pascagoula, Mississippi, as the victim.

Six additional people were hurt in it. The incident occurred on Friday during a Cinco de Mayo party.

Sadly, not much information is available about Chase Harmon. But many have sent their prayers and condolences to the Harmon family after hearing the tragic news.

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Mississippi Shooting Update

The Ocean Springs Police Department previously said in the news statement that there are no suspects.

But now, news has been released that the suspect is in the OSPD’s custody, according to Ocean Springs Police Chief Mark Dunston.

As the investigation is ongoing, Dunston said the suspect’s identity will not be made public. Detectives are still interviewing people and don’t want any details to taint any upcoming information.

If anyone has information, they are urged to contact the Ocean Springs Police Department at 228-875-2211.

The proprietor of Scratch Kitchen on Government Street, Brittany Alexander, confirmed to the Sun Herald on the spot that Harmon had attended the restaurant’s celebration.

Chase Harmon
Law enforcement officers stand behind crime scene tape at The Scratch Kitchen restaurant. (Source: SunHerald)

Brittany claimed that the suspected gunman slipped past security without being frisked and started shooting right away.

Although authorities have not yet confirmed it, according to Alexander, it looks like the gunman and the victim knew each other.

Some injured people were released after treatment, while others were taken to nearby hospitals for medical attention. While one individual was having surgery, another was transported to a New Orleans hospital.

According to The Sun Herald, Ocean Springs Mayor Kenny Holloway was on the scene on Saturday while law enforcement officials investigated the area.

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