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Misty Raney Wikipedia, Age, Husband: The Marty Raney Daughter

A dynamic force, Misty Raney has captivated audiences with her exceptional skill. With the new season of Homestead Rescue released on December 3, 2023, people have shifted their attention towards the Wikipedia of Misty Raney.

Misty Raney is a well-known TV personality who gained fame for her role in the DiscoveryGo series Homestead Rescue.

Besides being a TV personality, Misty is skilled in agriculture and hunting and appears on the show alongside her father and brother.

Moreover, she is also skilled with her hands and crafts many items for her show at home.

Additionally, she is also a certified mountain guide and logistic coordinator.

Furthermore, with the growing fame of the show, people want more information about Misty Raney through her Wikipedia article.

Misty Raney Wikipedia: Early Life And Family 

Even with a large amount of viewership, Misty Raney doesn’t even have a dedicated Wikipedia page, making it hard for her fans to gather information about her.

Born on November 9, 1979, Misty is one of the four children of Marty Raney (father) and Mollee Raney (mother).

She grew up in the challenging environment of Alaska alongside her sister, Melanee, and two brothers, Miles and Mattey.

Misty Raney took a picture with her father and brother wearing cowboy hat.
Misty Raney learned everything about craftsmanship from her father and brother. (Source: Instagram)

Having spent most of her early life in Alaska, Misty had her father and brothers to look up to and often followed them around.

Eventually, the craftmanship in the blood of the Raney family shaped her creativity, will, and determination.

Meanwhile, we don’t have much information about her educational background, but we know that she currently works as a teacher in her free time.

Moreover, Misty doesn’t share much about her life in the media. Also, she leads a peaceful and happy life with her family in Haines, Alaska.

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Journey Of Misty Raney Along With Marty In The Homestead Rescue

Being born and raised in Alaska with her parents, Misty learned about craftsmanship from her father, Marty Raney. 

Marty Raney, 66 years old, is the host and producer of Discovery’s Homestead Rescue.

His life has been adventurous since childhood, as his first home was built off the land: a floating logging camp.

The poster of Homestead rescue features Misty along with his father and brother holding their tools.
Misty has been part of the show since the beginning. (source: Instagram)

Furthermore, after marrying his wife Molley, the Raney couple relocated to an exceptionally remote homestead in Haines, Alaska.

Moreover, he also appeared on all three seasons of the National Geographic Channel’s show Ultimate Survivals Alaska.

Eventually, after spending 90 days on the show, Marty started working as a cast member in Discovery’s Homestead Rescue.

First aired on June 17, 2016, the show has 11 seasons, with the current season starting on December 3.

In the show, Marty, his daughter Misty, and his son Matt use their expertise in building, farming, and hunting to help the people who strive to live off the grid.

Misty Raney is seen standing in the snow with her father and other peoples
Misty and her family had helped many people living off the grid through the show. (source: Instagram)

Moreover, Misty Raney has been integral to the show since its beginning, a noteworthy detail in her Wikipedia.

Even though she is a farmer, Misty actively assists her father and brother in various activities, showcasing her versatile skills.

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Who Is Misty Raney’s Husband, Maciah Bilodeau?

Misty Raney shares her life with her husband, Maciah Bilodeau, a skilled carpenter and avid surfer who has been married since 2000.

Meanwhile, Maciah is also a TV personality who became famous after appearing in the same show several times.

He helps his wife and in-laws in the process of supporting people in need.

Additionally, the beautiful couple also has a son, Gauge Bilodeau, who was born on April 14, 2011.

However, Misty and her husband Maciah maintain privacy, revealing little about their personal life despite being a great couple.

Misty is looking quite emotional in the picture with her husband.
Misty’s husband is a carpenter and has appeared alongside her in the show. (source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, her siblings actively participate in the craftmanship business, finding success and contentment in their family-oriented lives.

As for the worth of Misty Raney, her estimated net worth is $300,000 as of 2023, reflecting her success in homesteading and reality TV.

Moreover, thanks to Discovery’s show, Misty’s income receives a significant boost, positively impacting her overall net worth.

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