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Mohammed Hijab Wikipedia, Wife: Speaker On Piers Morgan Show

With heated debate on the current Israel-Palestine war, Mohammed Hijab has been trending online as many search for the philosopher’s Wikipedia page.

Mohammed Hijab is a philosopher who debates and discusses the Islamic viewpoint politically.

He is also known for his active presence in the Islamic and interfaith discussions, promoting understanding of the religion.

Further, Hijab has garnered a mass following on his social platforms for his philosophical works.

The philosopher has also been vocal about the current Israel-Palestine conflict and has attended several debates.

Now, with a recent appearance on the Piers Morgan show, many are interested in the personal life of Mohammed Hijab, including his Wikipedia.

Mohammed Hijab Wikipedia: Meet Philosopher On Piers Morgan Tonight

Despite his prominent works, Mohammed Hijab has no official Wikipedia page yet.

However, this article brings you the details about the British Muslim speaker and debater.

Mohammed Hijab was born on February 2, 1992, in Westminster, London, to a family from Alexandria, Egypt.

His father is a retired police officer, whereas his mother worked as a special education teacher.

Mohammed Hijab graduation
Hijab holds several degrees in Islamic studies. (Source: Instagram)

Growing up, Hijab and his four siblings followed the teachings of Islam and the Sunni Hanbali school of thought.

Likewise, his religion influenced Hijab’s interest in Islamic science and humanities.

As for his academics, Hijab completed his BA in Politics and MA in History from Queen Mary University.

Along with that, he also holds a degree in Islamic studies and applied theology from prestigious universities.

Currently, Hijab is completing his PhD in Islamic Sciences with immense dedication.

Previously, he worked as a trainee teacher until authorities dismissed him after he attended a counter-protest.

Later, Hijab focused on freelancing, public speaking, and debating activities.

Now, the philosopher has published many books, with Burhan being the recent release.

Mohammed Hijab with his friends
Mohammed Hijab has been featured in several debate shows. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from that, Hijab has been working as the co-founder of Sapience Institute and academic co-ordinator of Islam Net.

Additionally, Hijab aims to train and mentor Muslims to engage in intellectual and academic activism.

Along with his popularity, he has been the face of many controversies throughout the years.

Hijab was invited to Piers Morgan Uncensored, where he represented the Palestinian perspective on the issue alongside Rabbi Shmuley.

Moreover, the philosopher condemned the actions of Israel, which generated reactions from the viewers.

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The Philosopher Mohammed Hijab Wife: Peek Into His Personal Life

Along with interest in his Wikipedia, many wondered about the married life of Mohammed Hijab.

Mohammed Hijab married at twenty and has maintained a private relationship with his wife.

Further, he rarely mentions his wife on his YouTube videos and other content online.

Likewise, Hijab has also kept information about his children under the covers.

However, the philosopher often posts pictures of his children on his social media accounts but does not reveal their identities.

Many speculate that he has kept their details secret to protect his family from the consequences of his controversies.

Mohammed Hijab shrugs
Hijab wants to create an understanding of Islam religion. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, over the years, Hijab has been vocal about his viewpoint and does not back off his ideologies.

This has stirred numerous accusations against the philosopher and his teachings.

Additionally, he was one of the leading figures in a demonstration that Jews labeled as anti-Semitic.

Furthermore, some activists deemed comments previously made by Hijab as homophobic and misogynistic.

Meanwhile, many users know about his heated exchange on Twitter with Jordan Peterson.

During the debate, Hijab called Peterson a coward and a pseudo-intellectual.

Now, as a Muslim advocate, Mohammed Hijab exchanges debate points with Piers Morgon, which lasted for more than an hour.

Regardless, Mohammed Hijab is one of the influential figures in the present context, as many praise him for his works and expect a Wikipedia page to be dedicated to him.

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