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Who Was Molly Brodak Father Joseph Brodak? Meet Her Mother Nora Brown

Molly Brodak father, Joseph Brodak, was a bank robber. The famous poet grew up in the shadow of her dad’s crime.

Molly Brodak was a versatile American talent known for her poetry, writing prowess, and baking skills.

She lived a life marked by both success and personal battles. The author was born in 1980 and passed away in 2020.

Molly faced a lifelong struggle with depression, a battle that eventually led to her tragic death by suicide, as disclosed by her husband, Blake Butler.

Despite her internal struggles, Molly’s professional achievements were noteworthy. She clinched the Iowa Poetry Prize for her renowned collection, “A Little Middle of the Night.”

Additionally, her culinary prow led her to become a finalist on the Great American Baking Show and establish Kookie House, a celebrated baking company. Moreover, she shared her knowledge as an educator at various educational institutions.

However, Molly’s life wasn’t just marked by her creative endeavors.

She penned a poignant memoir titled “Bandit,” documenting her father’s life as a bank robber and the profound influence of his actions on her own journey.

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Who Was Molly Brodak’s Father, Joseph Brodak?

Joseph Brodak, Molly Brodak’s father, was an ordinary tool-and-die worker who grappled with a gambling addiction and a habit of lying.

Joseph’s life took a dramatic turn in 1994 when, while Molly was just 13, he embarked on a spree, robbing 11 banks in the vicinity of Detroit.

Molly Brodak father
Molly Brodak father, Joseph Brodak, was a tool-and-die worker who grappled with a gambling addiction and became a bank robber in 1994. (Image Source: Grove Atlantic)

Donning a fake mustache and floppy hat, he earned the moniker “the Super Mario Brothers Bandit” from the media.

Despite legal repercussions that saw him sentenced to seven years in prison, Joseph relapsed into crime in 2009, landing himself back behind bars.

Molly candidly detailed the repercussions of her father’s actions on her life in her memoir “Bandit,” a work lauded for its raw honesty and portrayal of how a parent’s choices can shape a child’s life.

In the words of the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Bandit is “a book about narratives and characters, about how actions and experiences mold our identities, about how a father transforms into someone else and how a daughter matures into someone else.”

Likewise, The New York Times stated it as “a good book, and with good reason,” and Kirkus referred to the book as “an intelligent, disturbing, and profoundly honest memoir.

Meet Molly Brodak Mother Nora Brown

Nora Brodak (nee Brown), Molly Brodak’s mother, was pivotal in shaping Molly’s upbringing.

Nora, whose profession is unknown, raised Molly and her sister, Rebecca, in Rochester, Michigan, following her divorce from Joseph Brodak.

Molly Brodak father
Molly Brodak father’s crime had a significant impact on her upbringing. (Image Source: The New York Times)

Despite the challenges posed by the fallout of the divorce and Joseph’s criminal activities, Nora provided unwavering support to her daughters.

Nora’s nurturing nature extended beyond providing a stable home.

She instilled in Molly a love for nature, teaching her about life and hard work and nurtured her literary interests, fostering a passion for reading and writing.

Nora’s steadfast support was a cornerstone for the late poet, especially during her struggles with depression and the turmoil caused by her father’s actions.

Nora must have had immense pride in Molly’s achievements as a poet, author, and baker, standing as a pillar of strength throughout the author’s journey, embodying resilience and maternal care amidst adversity.

Molly Brodak’s life, marked by creative brilliance, personal hardships, and familial complexities, stands as a testament to resilience and the enduring power of a mother’s unwavering support.

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