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Molly McLaren Wikipedia: Her Parents Joanne And Douglas McLaren

Molly McLaren Wikipedia: Molly was the tragic victim of her ex-partner, Joshua Stimpson. Meet her parents, Joanne And Douglas McLaren.  

Molly McLaren was the 23 years old girl who lost her life after her ex-partner killed her. She was a fun-loving and caring-natured person who was survived by her parents. 

Further, McLaren’s parents are joining through a tough time, although the incident happened in 2017. Molly became the unfortunate victim of the murder that she also didn’t expect to. 

More to this, Molly and Joshua met through a dating app, Tinder, and they also dated for a short period of time and broke for good after Joshua started harassing her online. 

McLaren was meant to live more, and she was just blooming and had to do many things, but her unfortunate death shocked her family and friends. 

Molly McLaren Wikipedia And Bio

Molly McLaren was killed in 2017, although people are still searching for Wikipedia. However, her bio is not featured on the official page of Wikipedia. 

However, many official sites have shared about McLaren and the murderer, her ex-partner, who needs her life. Furthermore, McLaren was stabbed by 75 times in a frenzied. 

Molly McLaren Wikipedia
Molly McLaren was allegedly killed by her ex-boyfriend Joshua Stimpson. (Source: ITVX)

According to the sources, Molkly was worried that her ex-partner followed her, and she also shared this thing with her friends.

Similarly, she shared that he was ‘always looking over her shoulder’ after she was much worried about Joshua following her and posting threatening texts on social media. 

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Meet Molly McLaren Parents Joanne And Douglas McLaren

Joanne and Douglas McLaren are the parents of Molly McLaren. The death of their daughter shattered both of them as Molly was killed by her ex-boyfriend Joshua Stimpson.

Furthermore, Molly’s parents have talked about the case with the media. They told ITV News of the moment they received the news their ray of the sunshine daughter had been murdered by her stalking ex-boyfriend.

molly mclaren parents
Molly McLaren was photographed with her parents, Joanne and Douglas McLaren. (Source: Kent Online)

For Molly’s mother, it was confirmation of the fears that had built in her over several hours after her daughter’s friend had precautioned her to social media reports of an incident in the car park near the Dockside shopping on June 29, 2017.

It is reported that Joanne talked to her daughter minutes before and vividly remembered her daughter’s anxious final call after her ex-partner followed her to the gym. 

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More Details About Molly McLaren Family Background

Molly McLaren also had a brother in her family whose name is reported to be Tom. Molly was the younger one, while Tom was the older one. It seems like Molly and Tom had a strong bond.

The image of Tom paying tribute to his late sister has surfaced online and can still be found on various media outlets. Moreover, the McLaren family has stayed away from the media for a long time.

molly mclaren family
Molly McLaren while on a photoshoot with her family members. (Source: Kent Online)

The family of four lived happily, and their images can also be found on some websites. The McLaren family even went for a photo shoot, which can be explored online. 

Meanwhile, Molly was close to everyone, and following her tragic death, everyone was devasted. Her friends and other close people also paid tribute to Molly McLaren. 

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