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Massimiliano Varrese Monia La Ferrera Ex Marito: Relationship With Married Blazej Augustyn

Monia La Ferrera Ex Marito has begun to trend swiftly following her appearance in the reality show where she collided with her previous lover. 

Monia La Ferrera, a resident of Catania, serves as a hostess and has made her mark as a participant in Grande Fratello 17.

Known for her role as a hostess, she brings her skills and personality to the reality show.

Furthermore, she’s gaining attention because Monia La Ferrera joined the reality show on the GF episode this Monday, December 4th.

Monia is also known as Massimiliano Varrese’s ex-girlfriend. She shared with the actor that destiny led her to the show just before meeting the other participants.

In the context of Grande Fratello 17, Monia La Ferrera holds the status of being immune, indicating a unique position within the dynamics of the competition.

Now that we have introduced you all to her previous love affair, let’s learn more about her present relationship. 

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Monia La Ferrera Ex Marito: Who Is Massimiliano Varrese?

With these two names, Massimiliano Varrese and Monia La Ferrera, coming together, people wonder if they are related somehow.

Moreover, the search concerning whether Varrese is Ferrera’s ex-husband is also trending. They were not married, but they were in a relationship once.

Massimiliano and Monia, once romantically connected, found themselves unexpectedly reunited on the reality show Big Brother.

Monia La Ferrera Ex Marito
Massimiliano and Monia met each other after 15 years (Source: Grande Fratello)

Monia, a hostess from Catania, revealed the twist of fate that led her to the show, emphasizing the surprising nature of their reunion.

The two had previously been in a relationship, sparked by a chance encounter at the airport, and eventually lived together for 7 or 8 months before parting ways in 2008.

Despite the breakup, Monia shared that she and Massimiliano maintained a positive relationship over the years.

Prior to entering the Big Brother house, Monia contacted Massimiliano, revealing their communication and setting the stage for their reunion on the show.

During the episode, visibly surprised, Massimiliano encountered Monia entering the Big Brother house.

Expressing his amazement, he inquired about her presence, to which Monia responded with a simple “Destiny.”

Their conversation reflected on the 15 years that had passed since their last meeting, acknowledging the significant life changes, including parenthood and personal growth.

The unexpected reunion of Massimiliano Varrese and Monia La Ferrera on Big Brother has captured attention, fueling interest in their past connection.

The unfolding narrative of their renewed acquaintance adds a captivating element to the current trend surrounding their appearance on the reality show.

Nevertheless, the viewers of the show and the fans of these two personnel should be aware that Monia and Massimiliano were never married.

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Monia Le Ferrera Is Married To Blazej Augustyn

Monia La Ferrera is a current housemate in the 17th season of Grande Fratello. Her immunity status in the reality show adds an intriguing element to her journey.

She is married and is a wife to Blazej Augustyn. Augustyn, born on January 26, 1988, is a prominent Polish professional footballer specializing as a center-back.

Standing at an impressive height of 191 cm and weighing around 187 lbs, he has had a diverse career.

Monia La Ferrera Ex Marito
Monia La Ferrera is married to a Polish footballer, Blazej Augustyn (Source: Plotek)

To illustrate, Augustyn features stints with notable clubs such as Lechia GdaƄsk, Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC, and Heart of Midlothian F.C.

Currently, he is actively engaged with WKS Wierzbice, a regional league club in Poland.

In 2012, his reported salary was 120,000 EUR. Beyond his professional endeavors, Augustyn has represented Poland at the U21 level.

His followers can have more information about him by visiting his Instagram profile, where he boasts 18K followers and shares a collection of photos and videos.

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