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Monica Calhoun Son Disability: What Happened To Milo? Family Tree

Many News about Monica Calhoun, American Actress, arose on the internet after her character Mia died from Cancer. Following the show’s popularity, Fans wanted to know about Monica Calhoun Son Disability. 

Actress Calhoun was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She developed an acting passion from an early age. 

The Actress rose to fame after she portrayed Mia, the wife of Morris Chestnut’s character, in The Best Man. Fans and critics widely appreciated her performance as Mia. 

In 2000, Calhoun was an NAACP Image Award nominee for Outstanding Actress in Motion Picture. 

Also, the Actress earned an Emmy nomination for her performance in the CBS Schoolbreak Special titled Different Worlds: A Story of Interracial Love.

Moreover, Monica’s famous roles in films include The Salon, The Best Man and its sequel, Bagda Cafe, The Players Club, and The Best Man Holiday.

Now, Shifting our focus back to Monica Calhoun’s Son’s Disability. 

Here is an interesting fact about The Best Man Actress — Calhoun appeared with Morris Chestnut in the Disney Channel film titled The Ernest Green Story. Also, she was in the 1993 film Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

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Monica Calhoun Son Disability: What Happened To Milo?

Even though The Best Man Actress, Monica Calhoun, is healthy and fine, her son, Milo, has Autism.

Monica Calhoun son disabilty
Actress Monica Calhoun’s son suffers from a disorder. (Source: Black Doctor)

Describing Autism, best known as ASD —  Autism spectrum disorder, is a developmental disability. Minute differences in the brain cause the disorder.

Children with ASD often have social communication and interaction issues. They are different than typical children due to restricted interests or repetitive behaviors.

Unfortunately, people with ASD may have distinct ways of moving, schooling, and paying attention.

Calhoun gave birth to her son, Milo, in 2000. Also, Calhoun’s son seems visually impaired.

Despite the unfortunate circumstance, mother and son seem happy in their life and lead as an example for many children going through the same. 

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Family Tree Of Monica Calhoun

According to some legit sources, Monica Calhoun’s Father is Lorraine W. Calhoun. 

Talking about the Actress’s parents, Monica was born, Lorraine W. Calhoun to Lorraine W. Calhoun on 29 July 1971. She is the eldest of her parent’s two children.

However, her mother and siblings have remained in the shadows and like to keep it that way.

Monica’s parents admitted her to the Los Angeles County High School, where she learned Arts.

Seeing her dedication to acting, her family supported her dream. Monica began acting in sixth grade. 

In an interview, Malcon D, the writer & director of The Best Man, talked about Monica. He revealed why he chose the Actress to play Mia’s character, and she would be the one to die at the end of the film.

Monica Calhoun Actress
American Actress Monica Calhoun rise to fame after The Best Man. (Source: Essence Magazine)

Also, the director hinted towards Monica/Mia’s possible return through the upcoming limited series.

Moreover, Calhoun has had some famous roles in her career, including the portrayal of Rebbie Jackson in The Jacksons: An American Dream, a 1992’s biopic miniseries.

In addition, the Actress portrayed Patricia Tresvant, Ralph’s mother, in the BET miniseries titled The New Edition Story.

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