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Is Monica Lewinsky Lesbian? Gender And Sexuality Of The Activist

After the viral Clinton–Lewinsky scandal, there has been a constant question in people’s minds: Is Monica Lewinsky lesbian? Let’s see why people assume she might be lesbian.

Monica Lewinsky, whose full name is Monica Samille Lewinsky, was born on July 23, 1973, in the United States of America.

She is an American activist and writer and was a former intern at the White House who has gained the spotlight due to various controversies.

She came to the public eye when the rumor of an affair with President Bill Clinton spurred during her days as an intern.

Currently, Monica is serving as an advertising spokesperson for a diet plan and as a television personality.

Additionally, she spoke out against cyberbullying based on her experiences dealing with the media regarding the scandal.

In her recent interview, she dared to speak about how she handled the bullying and shaming she faced after the scandal.

The interview is currently trending all over the internet, and she has been in talks about her sexuality. People are wondering if Monica Lewinsky is lesbian.

Is Monica Lewinsky Lesbian? Rumors Explained

No, the American writer and activist Monica Lewinsky is not lesbian, and the rumors regarding her sexuality are false.

The rumors surrounding Monica Lewinsky’s sexuality have persisted in recent years, leading to questions and discussions about her personal life.

The primary reason behind this rumor is the absence of information about her love life, which gives her followers reason for the baseless gossip.

Furthermore, there could be another reason behind the rumor that Monica Lewinsky is lesbian.

Monica Lewinsky was rumored to have a lesbian relationship with the wife of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton.

A happy picture of Monica Lewinsky in which she is wearing black colored outfit.
People are speculating Monica Lewinsky is a lesbian. But the rumors might not be accurate. (Source: Instagram )

She was aware of and involved in the affair between Monika Lewinsky and Bill Clinton. This rumor spread like wildfire among the public at that time.

However, Hillary Clinton has confirmed in one of her interviews that it is not true.

There is not and never has been any credible evidence of that rumor.

Furthermore, there could be another reason behind the rumor that Monica Lewinsky is a lesbian.

A portrait image of Monica Lewinsky. She is wearing a blue colored outfit.
Beautiful activist Monica Lewinsky recently turned 50. (Source: Instagram )

Fifty years old, Monica doesn’t seem like she’s ever been married, and information about her dating history is not disclosed on the internet.

The decision not to get married has been a curiosity for many, but respecting her personal life choices is important.

Furthermore, one should know that the absence of a husband does not define a person’s sexual orientation.

Also, considering Monica Lewinsky a lesbian on these grounds is baseless.

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Gender And Sexuality of Monica Lewinsky

Despite being in a position that heavily revolves around her fame, Monica Lewinsky is a very private person.

It is for sure that the American activist and writer appears to be a straight female with straight sexual preferences.

Monica Lewinsky is known for keeping her personal life private, and she has not made her sexual orientation a topic of public discussion.

This choice of hers makes sense, as she has faced a lot of hatred since the scandal with Bill Clinton went viral.

A selfie of Monica Lewinsky in which she is giving a wide smile.
Monica Lewinsky is a well-renowned American activist and writer. (Source: Instagram )

Furthermore, it is not fair or respectful to assume or label her gender or sexuality without her consent.

These kinds of rumors can affect her reputation and personal well-being.

Moreover, it is important to know that Monica Lewinsky should define her sexual identity on her terms instead of guessing on rumors.

Therefore, the rumor of Monica Lewinsky being lesbian is baseless, and it is important to respect her privacy.

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