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Monty Don Illness And Health Update: Meet British Horticulturist Wife Sarah Don

Monty Don experienced a blockage in the brain in 2008. He left Gardeners World between 2008 and 2011 due to illness.

Don is a British Journalist, author, and television host. He is recognized for his work on the BBC television program “Gardeners’ World.”

He attended Oxford’s Magdalen College to study modern languages. After graduating from college, Monty worked as a translator before starting his media career.

He contributed articles to The Daily Telegraph and The Observer, among other publications.

Additionally, he started his television career in the late 1980s, and in 2003 he took over as the show lead presenter in the series “Gardeners’ World.”

Further, he has authored several gardening books and appeared on various BBC gardening and lifestyle programs.

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Monty Don Illness And Health Update

Monty has always been open with fans about his health despite being frequently absent from work on the BBC2 show due to sickness.

A Journalist encountered a blockage in the brain in 2008. Additionally, in his younger years, he also battled bone marrow Cancer.

He revealed to The Guardian, “he had bone-marrow Cancer when he was a child. He was a sickly youngster and didn’t realize how strong and active he was until he was 19.

Monty Don Illness
Monty Don had bone-marrow Cancer when he was a child (Source: Thetimes)

Don has been hosting his show for almost 20 years and is a gardening icon. However, after he experienced a transient ischemic attack or mini-stroke, the world nearly lost the star in 2008.

He was expecting to begin his hectic workday at 3:45 am on the day of his attack.

The DailyMail reported that Monty spent a few hours in bed trying to get the numbness out of his arm.

In addition, he admitted to the Guardian that he was so worn out that he was unsure about his direction in 2009. He said, “he could recall feeling odd and dizzy when he woke up.

Similarly, Monty claimed in 2015 that his knees hurt after years of gardening, and one needed to be replaced.

It was also revealed in May 2022 that Don had COVID-19 and had spent four days in bed.

Meet Monty Don Wife Sarah Don

Monty Don married to wife, Sarah Don, in 1984. The pair has three kids: Adam, Tom, and daughter Freya.

Sarah is a writer and gardener. She regularly contributes to “Gardeners’ World” and is the author of various gardening books. 

Monty Don Illness
Monty Don married his wife, Sarah Don, in 1984 (Source: Hellomagazine)

Together the couple has managed a gardening business that includes designing, planting, and managing gardens, as well as giving talks and authoring books.

The pair is very supportive of each other’s profession. While Monty attended the London School of Economics, he and his wife made their home in Islington, London.

Later, after relocating to Hackney, the couple planted their first garden. But, they moved from the significant metropolis to The Hanburies in Herefordshire in 1989.

Besides this, Monty enjoys having pets and frequently posts photos of his canines on social media.

A Look At Monty Don’s Career

Monty started his television career in the late 1980s. 

He has written several gardening books in addition to his work on television.

Additionally, he has created and planted gardens for private clients and given gardening courses across the UK and internationally.

His farm in Herefordshire illustrates his organic and sustainable gardening practices, and he is passionate about organic farming.

Monty has received numerous awards for his contributions to gardening and horticulture, including an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Worcester. 

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