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Moon Sua Boyfriend: Dating History And Relationship Timeline

People are curious about Astro Moonbin’s sister Moon Sua boyfriend and dating history. Let’s find out more about Moon Sua boyfriend and relationship timeline.

According to claims on April 19 by Korean media outlets, Moonbin, a K-pop boy band ASTRO member, reportedly died. Moonbin was just 25 years old.

According to an exclusive report from Yonhap News TV, Moonbin was found dead in his home in Seoul’s Gangnam district at around 8:10 pm on April 19 (KST). The management immediately dialed the Police.

On April 20, 2023, Yonhap News reported that Moon Bin had passed away. His managers had found him dead at home.

She is a rapper, singer, and poet from South Korea who is presently signed to a MYSTIC story. Sua is a member of the Billie girl group.

In 2015, she competed in UNpretty Rapster 2, reaching the final round before being third runner-up.

Sua was a potential new girl group member that YG Entertainment revealed plans to debut in 2016.

Let’s dive deep into this article to learn details of Moon Sua boyfriend and dating history. 

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Moon Sua Boyfriend: Dating History And Relationship Timeline

Moon Sua boyfriend The girl group Billlie member Moon Sua admitted that she had lived with a male idol.

Is it true that you’re living with a male idol? Min Kyung-hoon questioned Moon Sua as he turned the entire studio upside down.

Kim Shin-young replied, “We don’t live together,” to Kim Hee-chul’s statement, “Even Celeb Five don’t do it. If that’s the case, simply get married,” to laugh.

Moon Sua Boyfriend
Talking about Moon Sua Boyfriend, she likes to keep her Personal life out of the limelight. (Source: Kpopmap)

Is love a sin? Lee Soo-Geun asked while raising his voice. They can coexist,” she said, turning to face Min Kyung-hoon and enquiring, “Have you ever experienced that?”

Min Kyung-hoon responded, “I had. Did I say I haven’t?” he said, making a scene with his short admission.

Moon Sua responded to the reports that she shared a home with a male idol by saying, “First of all, the rumor is genuine. It’s true, but we don’t live together at the time.

In actuality, my brother is ASTRO’s Moonbin, she said. We previously shared a home.

Moon Sua Is Billie Memeber

Moon Sua was created in South Korea’s Cheongju. She is the younger sister of moonbin. She spent ten years as a YG trainee until departing in 2019.

Sua participated in the second season of Unpretty Rapster. She has received training to become a rapper.

Sua once belonged to YG Entertainment’s “future 2NEI”; however, the group’s intentions to make their debut were abandoned.

Moon Sua Boyfriend
Moon Sua is devastated by her brother’s death. (Source: Kpopmap)

Sua studied voice at ONCe and is known as a social butterfly since she is friendly with several female superstars, including Heize, Truedy, Yezi of Fiestar, Jiwo of GFriend, Jisoo of BLACKPINK, and 4Minutes.

She goes under the names Smile and Moodmaker. She assists the team by mopping and cleaning. Her interests include watching Netflix and taking pictures.

CL serves as a role model for her. She lives by the adage, “There is a time for everything.”

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