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20 Most Expensive Magic Card in the world

The most expensive magic card falls under the category of tabletop games—the most popular one i.e., Magic the gathering cards, which is designed by Richard Garfield.

If you think they are just paper cards and don’t cost that much, then you are probably wrong because, according to CBR, these cards can cost around 10 cents to $100K and you can see the reason today on the most expensive magic card list.

Why should I pay? How addictive is it?


Markus Staeheli is the recent largest Magic card collector, but the next one can be anyone. Magic card game is a very addictive tabletop game. The players even agree to sell their house for the sake of a single magic card.

Today you can find out which one is the most expensive magic card.

Quick Look

Cards Cost
20. Metalworker – Urza’s Destiny $100
19. Jace – The Mind Sculptor Worldwake $130
18. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite – Judge Promos $182
17. Ravages of War – Portal Three Kingdoms $250
16. Wheel of fortune $460
15. Black Knight – Alpha $480
14. Time Walk $480
13. Mox Emerald – Collectors Edition $480
12. Ancestral Recall – Collectors Edition $550
11. Tropical Island $550
10. Underground Sea – Revised Edition $600
9. Moat – Legends $650
8. Candelabra of Tawnos – Antiquities $660
7. Chains of Mephistopheles – Legends $720
6. Mox Ruby $1,900
5. Mox Jet $2,000
4. Mox Sapphire $2,400
3. Mox Pearl $3,200
2. Timetwister MTG  $3,500
1. Magic the Gathering Black Lotus $100,000

20 Most Expensive Magic Card in the world

All the information and detials are collected from research and sales sites like mtg.fandom,amazon and ebay.

20. Metalworker – Urza’s Destiny – Foil

Starting the most expensive magic card list by; Metalworker.

Illustrated by Don Hazeltine this card is not usable in most of the sets except the ones in Vintage.

This card costs around $100.Card(Source: Amazon)

In 1999, during the 17th expansion of magic, the gathering Metalworker card was released.

It works as a creature that can play offense and set up, revealing the number of cards in your hand.

19. Jace – The Mind Sculptor Worldwake

This card costs around $130.

MTG even featured this character in Japanese TCG called the Duel Masters, and it also appeared in a book named a test of metal.

THE MIND SCULPTOR is one the most important characters in MTG and also one the most popular human character as he is also known as planeswalkers and telemancers.

As the name suggests, he is a good mind reader and can cause difficulties in thinking by using techniques like an illusion to other players and his own players.

Since this character can withdraw some blue mana, his eyes turn blue whenever he spells the magic.

18. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite – Judge Promos.

It costs around $182.

This card is rather new and very powerful.

If used intelligently, this card can secure the Win for you. It is named Elesh Norn and Grand Cenobite because it belongs to the franchise of the Judge promos set.

18-Elesh-Norn-Grand-Cenobite – Judge-Promos
Elesh Norn Grand Cenobite Judge Promos(Source: Amazon)

As the female character, Elesh Norn is the Praetor of a white faction named New Phyrexia.

The card character personality is rather defined as irrational and religious across the fanfiction of the game.

At the same time, she is more known for her manipulative mindset and can trick the opponent into losing control of themselves.

17. Ravages of War – Portal Three Kingdoms

This one costs $250.

This card is named three kingdoms because it is the third magic card that gathers the first level of game position termed a portal.

Ravages of War Portal Three Kingdoms(Source:eBay)

This card unlocks a new way of playing the game called horsemanship. As a result, it could destroy all the different lands in the game, even including the player’s very own opponent land.

16. Wheel of fortune

This card costs around $460.

Wheels of Fortune(Source: Amazon)

This is a powerful card because it causes players to pick up 7 new cards and leaves the one currently in their hand, with 2 common mana and 1 red mana.

15. Black Knight – Alpha

This card costs $480.

This card contains several different skills and traits to win the game against others; for example, it has a First strike; It could damage the opponent who doesn’t have this particular feature.

Black Knight Alpha(Source:eBay)

This is yet another controversial Card.

It allows the player to block from white magic or so written in the product “Protection from white,” meaning it can reverse, target, damage, or even enchant the white magic by other players.

14. Time Walk

It costs around $480.

Its power is simple, yet so valuable and is the most demanded card from “Power nine.”

As shown in the picture, it will just give you an extra turn for two mana, right when you have just finished your current turn.

Time Walk(Source: Scryfall)

Now, the fun part is, you could use as many turns as you want until your mana gets over.

Hence, this feature makes this card rare as well as very well applicable on the battlefield.

13. Mox Emerald – Collectors Edition

It costs$480(but prices may differ)

This belongs to the five MOXEN Series of MTG.

Mox Emerald(Source: Waypoint Games)

As you can see from the picture, the power it offers is pretty huge, i.e., it allows you to add Green mana to your Mana collection.

Before moving, it is essential to tell you that green mana is the most precious mana of all mana in the MGT game.

Among the MOXEN series, if an emerald is used correctly, this can make sure you quickly secure a win.

12. Ancestral Recall – Collectors Edition.

This card costs around $550.

Mark Poole illustrates it, and this becomes one of the controversial cards that give you too much power, surprised?

Ancestral Recall(Source: Amazon)

The three small circular structures in the face of the card may seem pretty ordinary, but they are compelling and important.

This card was made rare even though Garfield primarily made the card to be something simple and mediocre.

The power of this card; allows you to draw any three cards without penalities.

Imagine this much power on your hands while playing the game. Hence, it was later banned from all the other sets and versions except the Vintage one.

11. Tropical Island

It costs around $550.

Treasure Grabbing power where players can get either of both blue or green mana. It can work both in islands and forests.

Tropical Island(Source: Scryfall)

So, if you are into comparing large cards and find out which one is the most powerful? Well, look no further.

This card costs more than Metalworker for a reason, i.e., it was the main part of the series Dual lands, underground seas, vintage, and even commander.

It also contains a reverse list of Magic(The actual game) which means that this card is made once in a lifetime and will not be printed again which makes it completely reasonable to be on the list of most expensive magic cards.

10. Underground Sea – Revised Edition

This card costs $600

Power; it can cast a spell that can destroy any land type.

Underground sea(Source:eBay)

This is one of those blue and black mana collecting cards; the main reason is that it belongs in both Island and swamp.

Even though it is used in deck master, it is not often included in the bruise deck collection of the cards.

9. Moat – Legends

This card costs around $650.

The power is to disable all the flying creatures from attacking and making your way to the victory with other characters.

Moat Legends(Source:eBay)

It is one of the high-priced as well as power cards in the MTG. Well, this one costs higher just because it contains one of the main legacy print.

Experts say it is even rarer than the black lotus, but yet It costs less than that.

8. Candelabra of Tawnos – Antiquities

This card costs around $660.

Carefully Illustrated by Douglas Shuler, this card costs more than Tropical Island.

Candelabra of tawnos(Source: Scryfall)

The main power can be defined as the power to unaccquire/untap the opponent’s land if you desire.

It is special because it was one of those few cards that made it into the Antiquities set.

This card may not be the most powerful alone but can do massive damage when paired with other cards.

7. Chains of Mephistopheles – Legends

This card costs $720.

Don’t let the demon in the card scare you, whereas you need to be very proud if you get the Chains of Mephistopheles, which is from the legends set of MGT.

Most Expensive Magic Cards 7-Chains-of-Mephistopheles
Chains of Mephistopheles(Source:Scryfall)

This is a powerful card to have in your hands. Basically, this card gives you the power to discard the opponent’s decisions, and you can manipulate the decisions that your opponent makes with this particular card.

Heather Hudson illustrated this card in 1994.

Its power is that if a player withdraws any card except for the one in the first, you can draw each turn your opponent draws, making the player confused about his decisions.

6. Mox Ruby

This one costs around $1,900.

This is the last version of MOXEN collectibles that were created.

The main power can be defined as to interrupt and also add Red mana in your Mana collection.

Most Expensive Magic Cards 6-Mox-ruby
Mox ruby(Source:MT Goldfish)

After selling the famous collection “Power Nine,” this one is a sold-out like PlayStation(Very fast) in the market.

Everything about this card makes it uniquely attractive; From its elegant design to its power to add the red mana to your mana pool.

5. Mox Jet

This card costs $2,000.

This is one of the controversial cards released which made players assume that this card/character will make you win the game rather than using other cards or characters(Simple and easy).

This card had too much overwhelming power and hence allowed players to feel superior.

Most Expensive Magic Cards 5-Mox-Jet
Mox Jet(Source: ScryFall)

This Card adds up single black mana to your whole collection. This card was replaced, reworked, and even banned several times in different sets.

4. Mox Sapphire

This card costs around $2,400.

This is the part of the 3 MOXEN series that we described earlier.

Most Expensive Magic Cards 4-Mox-Sapphire
Mox Sapphire(Source: Scryfall)

The main power of this card is to allow the player to add another Blue Mana to your mana collection each turn, and when it is merged with other Mox collectives can help you become the winner eventually.

Among all the MOXEN collectibles, this one is the 2nd most expensive Moxen card ever illustrated.

3. Mox Pearl no.3 on the most expensive magic card

It costs around $3,200.

This one is a scarce, elegant, and beautiful-looking card.

You can even compare it with one of the most expensive sneakers ever made.

Most Expensive Magic Cards 3-Mox-pearl
Mox pearl(Source: ScryFall)

This was one of the originals created while creating the MOXEN set of MGT, i.e., Mox Pearl, Mox Ruby, Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, and Mox Emerald.

Legends said; This antique card even sold for $200,000 on eBay.

2. Timetwister MTG no.2 on the most expensive magic card

It costs slightly more than $3500(Price not confirmed).

Most Expensive Magic Cards 2-Time-Twister
Time Twister(Source: Scryfall)

This card also belongs to the set of the most authentic “Power nine” cards.

The main power of the time twister is to reset the time for the new beginning.

Frankly, it holds power to get a handful of fresh cards with the possibility of using or withdrawing the cards that lie in the graveyard.

Even though the price tag is high, players never hesitate to buy the card as soon as it arrives.

1. Magic the Gathering Black Lotus no.1 on the most expensive magic card

On the no.1 of the list, we have Magic the Gathering Black Lotus which Costs around $100,000

Most Expensive Magic Cards 1-Magic-the-gathering-Black-lotus
Magic the Gathering Black Lotus(Source: Scryfall)

This is the only Card of the MGT that allows the player to withdraw up to 3 types of (Single color) mana they want.

In an instance, you may not feel its power, but when it is presented on the table at the right moment, the opponent’s game is almost over.

Hence, making it the King of cards.

This is not available for sale in the stores but can be found in several Auctions where bidders pay the highest price for this Card.

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What is MGT?

The Gathering (colloquially known as Magic of MTG) is a tabletop and digital collectible card game created by Richard Garfield. It was released in 1993 and has over 35 million players with twenty billion Magic Cards produced from 2008 to 2016.

What is Manas?

Mana is a renewable resource in Magic: The Gathering. Mana is generated by some cards, most notably land, and then used to play most of the game’s cards and abilities. (via mtg fandom click to see)



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