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20 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever made

When we think about shoes, we overall only think of them as not so important objects but for some people they mean a whole another world.

So, let’s take a look at the most expensive sneakers ever made.

Sneakers are also known as trainers. Primarily, crafted for activities involving physical exercises like sports also with gym training, and others.

If you think you like sneakers you would be amazed to know the 20 MOST EXPENSIVE SNEAKERS EVER MADE.

20 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever made different-sneakers-design
Different Sneakers-Design(Source: Nike, Jordan)

Quick Look

20. Air Jordan III OG $4,500
18. Nike Dunk SB Low Staple NYC PIGEON $6,000 to $6,500
17. Nike Yeezy 2 Red October $7,500
16. VLONE X Nike Air Force 1 High $7,500 to $8,00
15. CHANEL X Pharrel X Adidas NMD HU $10,000
14. Nike Air Mag Back to Future $12,000 to $14,500
13. Air Jordan 4 Undefeated $14,000 to $15,000
12. Air Jordan 10 OVO $18,000 to $20,000
11. Macklemore X Air Jordan 6  $25,000
10. DJ Khaled X Air Jordan 3 “Grateful” $25,000 to $27,000
9. Eminem X Carhartt Air Jordan 4 $27,000 to $30,000
8. Air Jordan 2 OG $25,000 to $31,000
7. Air Jordan 11 “Jeter” Series $35,000 to $40,000
6. Diamond Plated Air Force 1 $50,000
5. Air Jordan 12 Drake OVO $100,000
4. Air Jordan 12 FLU Game Edition $104,000
3. Buscemi 100 MM Diamond  $120,000 to $135,000
2. Jordan’s Game-Worn Fast Break Converse $190,000
1. Gold OVO X Air Jordan $2,00,000

All the infromations and details are accumulated from trusted sites :- NIKE, AIR JORDAN and other Trading websites like Stockx.

Information and Prices are all valid as per May, 2024.

20. Air Jordan III OG.

Firstly, on the most expensive sneakers ever made, AIR JORDAN III falls in the 20th number with a budget still around $ 4,500.

Moreover, It is written even in their parent website Jordan, on how memorable it was for MJ to use these sneakers on Slam dunk contest win.

20 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever made 20-Air-Jordan-III-OG
Air Jordan III OG Shoe (Source: air. Jordan)

Although, MJ used the Cement version of AIR JORDAN III but after the re-design of the OG series due to several controversies related to their colors NBA filed a ban against these sneakers.

So, these sneakers are rarely available to order online.

You either need to get it from someone who had them in stock or get them specifically from their trusted suppliers.

19. Nike Air Foamposite One

Developed with Foamposite technology in 1997, Nike Air Foamposite One is itself one of kind sneakers around the world.

Primarily, Known for its sleek and modern design, Nike’s Foamposite was a major hit during 1997’s basketball era.

20 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever made 19-NIKE-AIR-FOAMPOSITE-ONE
Nike Air Foamposite one (Source: Nike)

Specifically, the design like “Urban black”, “Matt blue” and “Sole Collector”.

They cost around $6,000 but old designs yet being more expensive than the modern ones.

18. Nike Dunk SB Low Staple NYC Pigeon.

Nike’s Pigeon Series got their originality and popularity by 2005 when the culture for the sneakers was taking over the USA.

It was originally, designed by Jeff Staple and NIKE.

Jeff wanted to create a shoe that showed the culture and perspective of his city New York.

20 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever made
Nike Dunk SB low Staple (Source: Nike)

He introduced the concept of pigeon bird to be the perfect match for the shoe and hence embarked the name with NYC Pigeon.

The Original version costs around $ 6,000 to $ 6,500.

But if you still want the shoe and don’t want to break the bank then the modern and newer versions in the market cost around $ 110 to $ 230.

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17. Nike Yeezy 2 Red October

The RED BEAST which symbolizes the end of the collaboration between Kanye West and NIKE, in the series of “Red Octobers” design YEEZY 2 was one of a kind.

20 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever made 17-NIKE-YEEZY-2
Nike Yeezy 2 Red October (Source: NIKE)

Perfectly good for the vibrant outfits the “Red Octobers” can be your next gem.

They originally cost around $7,500 but due to the rare manufacturing supply now they may cost around $7,500 to $12,000.

16. Vlone x Nike Air Force 1 High

Massive during 2017 due to collaboration between A$AP Rocky along with A$AP Bari’s Clothing Brand VLONE and NIKE Sportswear the Air force was one the most expensive shoes that were ever branded by the artists.

20 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever made 16-VLONE-NIKE-AIR-FORCE
Vlone Nike Air Force (Source: Nike)

As the lower tops design, it was only packaged 20 for sales and cost around $7,000.

The higher tops can go up to $8,000.

15. Chanel X Pharrell X Adidas NMD HU

Having a high sale price tag in the market, Pharrell X Adidas are known to create modern and stylish creations in their every collaboration.

20 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever made 15-Chanel-Pharell-Adidas
CHANEL X Pharrell X Adidas (Source: StockX)

This one however stood out the most because of the involvement of CHANEL, yet another big name in the fashion industry.

Together only up to 500 pairs were made and were sold at $10,000.

14. Nike Air Mag Back To Future

These shows will make you feel like you own something from another world.

Proudly inspired by the movie “Back to the Future2”, these Sneakers are in the break to create the best futuristic style sneakers out there in the market.

20 Most Expensive Sneakers Ever made 14-NIKE-AIR-MAG-BACK-TO-FUTURE
Nike Air Mag Back to Future(Source: Stockx)

There were only 600 supplies ever made and they cost around $12,000 to $14,500.

13. Air Jordan 4 Undefeated

We all are familiar with how high are the prices of the AIR JORDAN series, it will come as no shock that Air Jordan  4 also falls into the same category.

Air Jordan 4 Undefeated(Source: Stockx)

Designed by Tinder Hatfield this time in AIR JORDAN 4 he wanted to introduce performance and other inspirations that were something which was commenced on the other 3 models he had designed.

So, these unique pairs cost around $14,000 to $15,000.

12. Air Jordan 10 OVO

OVO Signature is the series that is inspired by the DRAKE. He has worked on a lot of projects involving Jordan.

Air Jordan OVO(Source: Stockx)

Hence, when Jordan and Drake collaborated, this event broke the media and also the market making it one of the most expensive sneakers in the world.

They costs around $18,000 to $20,000.

11. Macklemore X Air Jordan 6

JORDAN 6 was Made in collaboration with another pop sensation Macklemore. The Air Jordan 6 is one of its kind.

Macklemore Air Jordan(Source: Stockx)

The Public singer also expresses gratitude and delight in the collaboration.

Costing around $25,000 for a pair this design can be something you want to watch your wallet for.

10. DJ Khaled X Air Jordan 3 “GRATEFUL”

We always know how DJ Kahled promotes his quote of being “Grateful for everything I have’ meaning he embraces the joy of being able to create the music and make the best out of it.

Dj Khaled Grateful(Source: Stockx)

This will come to a no-brainer that how much these costs when we all know that this is one such big project of DJ Khaled.

These Red diamonds cost around $25,000 to $27,000.

9. Eminem X Carhartt Air Jordan 4

Eminem is known for his selective choices in fashion. Unlike other Celebs, he doesn’t do too many paid collaborations.

He does it only when it makes sense to him and his audience.

Eminem Carhartt(Source: Stockx)

This collaboration with Jordan for Eminem was huge as he embarked on his fashion journey startup.

Since there were only a few that were in the market they cost around $27,000 to $30,000 making them the most expensive sneakers ever made.

8. Air Jordan 2 OG

The AIR JORDAN can now be considered as one of the most expensive shoes in the world.

Air Jordan 2 OG(Source: Stockx)

As we already showed their previous design before, this one is no different on the criteria of fashion and style.

A good pair of these shoes can cost you around $25,000 to $31,000.

7. Air Jordan 11” JETER’ SERIES

In celebration of much popular baseball player Derek Jeter’s retirement, JORDAN decided to give him a takeaway gift and hence designed Jetter the only one series.

These were the navy-colored series that contained 2 in the heels complementing navy suede pride.

Air Jordan 11 Jeter(Source: Stockx)

If you’re looking for expensive morning to exercise go-to shoes then this can be your choice.

This piece of beauty costs around $35,000 to $40,000.

6. Diamond Plated Air Force

If you’re more into luxury kinds of stuff then you might as well want to take a look at Diamond crusted Air Force 1 From Nike

These were crafted by hand by the Ernel Dawkins of Atlanta sneaker with the collaboration of NIKE.

Diamond Plated Air Jordan(Source: Stockx)

These are called one of the rarest shoes ever made on planet earth.

Even though there is very little chance for you to buy it, these were sold for $50,000 a pair.

5. Air Jordan 12 Drake OVO

After looking at the list above we all can conclude that Drake likes JORDAN and Jordan likes DRAKE.

Air Jordan 12 Drake OVO(Source: Stockx)

Costing more than Porsche and Nissan’s supercars this pair of OVO shoes from JORDAN Might make you run for your money.

A pair of OVO JORDAN designs cost around $100,000.

4. Air Jordan 12 Flu Game Edition

We all know how much Michael Jordan loved his Sneakers and how many collections he had.

Air Jordan 12 Flu(Source: Stockx)

Well, this one is quite special as this pair of sneakers are said to be the ones he wore while playing a match suffering from flu due to which makes it an absolute reason for being the most expensive sneakers ever made.

$104,000 and these beauties can be yours.

3. Buscemi 100 MM Diamond

BUSCEMI is also known for its sleek design and different style options.

Founded in 2013 by John Buscemi, this brand is known for its ultimate craftsmanship and street style.

Buscemi MM(Source: Stockx)

These white sneakers coated with pure 100 MM Diamonds can be yours at the astonishing price of $120,000 to $135,000.

2. Jordan’s Game-Worn Fastbreak Converse

In 1984 when the basketball team of the USA Won Olympics in LA because of which they were praised as the literal masters in the country.

Jordan Game Worn(Source: Stockx)

As the craze for the MJ was increasing, MJ introduced his worn and signed MJ Fast break converse which is arguably the most expensive in the world.

This signed beauty comes at a price of $190,000.

1. Gold OVO X Air Jordan

Finishing up this series with the most expensive JORDAN of all time.

This AIR JORDAN designed with DRAKE legitimately costs around $2,00,000.

Gold OVO Air Jordan(Source: Stockx)

American artist Matthew Senna designed it with a weight of 50lbs each.

If you think you have the thirst to buy the most expensive sneaker that $2,00,000 will do the job.


Even being just a type of shoe it shows how it is just impossible to imagine how expensive can these get and how much of a price we need to pay to get these.

Due to the huge fan base of the People branding with the product or the company it is allowing them to have sales in huge quantities even with the prices that are as huge as $2,00,000.

These are not only the most expensive sneakers ever made but also the absolute gems for the fashion industry because fans are spending huge chunks of cash towards purchasing the advertised products.

Facts about the most expensive sneakers ever made.

  • Moreover,  Trainers “Sneakers” are the most commonly used term in the states of the USA like Florida and in countries like New Zealand also in parts of Canada because of differences in vocabulary.
  • These sneakers are termed running shoes or runners in  Australian English and Scottish English.
  • American Sneaker collector  Jordy Geller owns over 2,388 pairs of sneakers.


Why do some of these sneakers cost a huge amount of money?

Well, the main reason is the person behind the endorsement or the originality of the product.

Can we get these shoes for a lower price and less of the price mentioned?

There is always a price drop in the shoes which you can check on websites like stockx or eBay.



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