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20 Most Expensive VHS Tapes of All Time

VHS, also known as Video Home System, is the Analog Video and Audio Recording device.

Japan manufactured the first VHS Machine in late 1976, and it was later on manufactured in Europe(Especially in the US) in 1977.

VHS was the only medium to record any dramas and shows that were performed during the 90s era. Since there were many important shows recorded, there are different types of most expensive VHS tapes.


Shows differ from Disney shows to different romantic and horror plays which were recorded in the VHS tapes. The company manufacturing the VHS is no longer manufacturing the Tapes, resulting in a lack of supply.

Since the technology used to make VHS was not sustainable, the remaining tapes kept deteriorating from time to time. Hence, the tapes that are remaining can now be considered gems.

Even though there are many tapes per 2024, we will look only to the Top 20 most expensive VHS tapes.

Quick Look

VHS Value
20. Fantasia $299
19. Halloween III $299
18. Pterodactyl Woman From Beverly Hills $300
17. The Godfather $349
16. Alice in Wonderland $450
15. Bash at the Beach $500
14. Let It Be $500
13. The Lion King $500
12. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks $500
11. The Fox and the Hound $850
10. The Black Decameron $900
9. The Flesh Eaters $950.
8. Africa Addio $1,000
7. Lemora, Lady Dracula $1,100

6. Don’t Open the Window


5. Celestine, Maid at Your Service


4. Journey Into The Beyond


3. The Legend of Hillbilly John


2. The Beast In Heat

1.Dr. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks $1,800

20 Most Expensive VHS Tapes of All Time

All the information and detials are collected from movie research and sale sites like IMDB, Wikipedia, Amazon and others.

20. Fantasia

This can cost you $299.

This tape was a solid life-changing experience as it comes with classical music and an animated Disney show recorded during 1940.

Fantasia(Source: IMDB)

This was a major hit during the 1940s because the story plot of the show was really something different than what we see in Disney.

It was captivating to see how the plot progressed with all the characters in the show and how it ended.

19. Halloween III

This one also costs $299.

Released in 1982, it was the continuation of the series on Halloween.

Halloween III(Source: Amazon)

It is even said that the kids even wore the outfit of Silver Shamrock after the release of this Halloween III season of the witch.

Even though the Dave Mayers came after this show it was the perfect show to binge-watch for.

18. Pterodactyl Woman From Beverly Hills

It costs around $300

Scripted in 1995 but had the initial release in 1996, Pterodactyl Women left a mark on people’s brains on what magic can do and how much magic can change someone.

Pterodactyl Woman From Beverly Hills(Source: IMDB)

Main Plot; An ancient magician casts a magic spell that makes a paleontologist’s wife(Beverly) act like a reptile.

17. The Godfather

It costs around $349.

This one is a classic crime drama series that was immensely popular during $1972 and has a huge audience.

The Godfather

This movie was inspired by a novel named “The Godfather,” written by the Italian American author Mario Puzo.

If you’re a big fan of the movie, then you must know the dialogue “A friend should always underestimate your virtues and an enemy overestimate your faults.”

16. Alice in Wonderland

This VHS tape can cost you $450.

This is the all-time classic from Disney. Those kids who were born between 1950 to 2000 surely know this animation film from Disney.

Alice in Wonderland(Source:Amazon)

Alice in the wonderland was initially released in 1991.

The show was a major hit because Carroll had a unique ability to rebuild childhood time and memories allowing everyone to dive deep into the imagination, Whether children or adults.

15. Bash at the Beach

This one costs around $500.

Bash at the beach was one of the pay-per-view events by WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment).

Bash at the Beach(Source:Wikipedia)

The show was presented live in front of the audience and recorded for those who didn’t make it. No matter the cause, WWE made a huge sale of Bash at the beach on the worldwide market.

14. Let It Be

This one also costs around $500.

The price tag is really low as what you can witness because you will be witnessing a British documentary of the Beatles directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

Let It Be(Source:Wikipedia)

There are two versions of Let it be. First, one being a first solo overdub for the sake of release and 2nd being a second solo overdub for the Beatles Album.

After the release, this was not re-released in any other format for a long time. However, some streaming sites may provide you a documentary lease off some charges.

If you like these movies, then you will probably like the Top 40 Richest Authors.

13. The Lion King

This may cost you around $500

The Lion King is a classic Disney show which I guess is loved by everyone. One of the few shows that were re-released in the other formats and even shown in the affiliate Disney channel.

The Lion King(Source:Wikipedia)

Still today, this Disney gets most of its revenue from some of its old classics like The Lion King.

12. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks

This one will also cost you around $500.

Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks
Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks(Source:Wikipedia)

This show was available to purchase on VHS during 1975 and did not gain that much popularity which was expected, yet this tape can be purchased at a lease of $500 from amazon.

11. The Fox and the Hound

This one will cost you $850.

Released in 1994, This may not be the best-selling show of Disney, but this doesn’t mean that this was an absolute flop.

The Fox and the Hound(Source: Wikipedia)

Many children in the USA liked the tale of two, and it was considered one of the best animations to show friendship and companionship.

10. The Black Decameron

This one was released in 1972 and costs around $900

Most Expensive VHS Tapes 10-The-Black-Decameron
The Black Decameron(Source: Wikipedia)

Directed by Piero Vivarelli and produced by Alfredo Bini, “The Black Decameron” was more of an intimate show/documentary that involved a brief study about the unusual relationship status of African Families and the people living in Africa.

9. The Flesh Eaters

This Tape will cost you $950.

Most Expensive VHS Tapes 9-The-Flesh-Eaters
The Flesh Eaters(Source:IMDB)

The show was released in 1964.

It’s more of a mixture of both science fiction and the horror genre.

This show involved many violent sciences out of context and was even considered the most violent production of the year.

Moreover, the show was directed by Jack Cutis, who has directed other shows like other good series like Ultraman, Speedracer, and Marine Boy.

8. Africa Addio

This will cost you around $1,000.

Most Expensive VHS Tapes 8-Africa-Addio
Africa Addio(Source:IMDB)

Gualtiero Jacopettu and Franco Prosper directed this Documentary.

This show was released in 1996 and took more than 2-3 years to make it.

Moreover, the show was directed to project the end of slavery and the colonial era in Africa.

7. Lemora, Lady Dracula

This tape will cost you around $1,100

This movie was not perceived as good as it was supposed to because, according to the audience, most of the scenes were not in favor of Roman Catholicism.

Richard Blackburn and stars Cheryl Smith, Hy Pyke, and Lesley Gilb directed this movie.

Most Expensive VHS Tapes 7-Lemora-Lady-Dracula
Lemora, Lady Dracula(Source:Wikipedia)

This is a horror film released in 1973.

The main title for this movie was “The curse of legendary Lemora,” but it can be called as Lady Dracula.

This movie storyboard revolves around a girl turned into a vampire when she visits her father’s house.

6. Don’t Open the Window

This tape costs around $1,100.

Jorge Grau directed this movie. This movie achieved a lot of compliments from the audience.

Most Expensive VHS Tapes 15-Don’t-Open-the-Window
Don’t Open the Window(Source:IMDB)

This is a science fiction and horror genre-based movie.

Moreover,the movie’s main story is about a cop who tries to find out the reason behind many murders.

He later finds out that zombies did all the killing.

5. Celestine, Maid at Your Service

It costs $1,250

Most Expensive VHS Tapes 16-Celestine-Maid-at-Your-Service
Celestine, Maid at Your Service(Source:IMDB)

This is a comedy-drama movie that Jesús Franco directed.

It features Lina Romay as Célestine as a prostitute Célestine who escapes the police’s chase and heads for the countryside.

Therefore, She seduces men on the way to make a living as a peculiar woman.

4. Journey Into The Beyond

It tape costs about $1,250.

This is the movie that may make you believe in healing and other types of supernatural powers.


Most Expensive VHS Tapes 17-Journey-Into-The-Beyond
Journey Into The Beyond(Source: IMDB)

Other than that, this movie also explains exorcism in the least way.

So, if you’re more into Marvel and Dc’s, then you should probably check this one out!

3. The Legend of Hillbilly John no.3 on the most expensive VHS tapes.

It also costs similar to $1,250.

Most Expensive VHS Tapes 18-The-Legend-of-Hillbilly-John
The Legend of Hillbilly John(Source:IMDB_

This movie is about a young man and his grandfather trying to take on the Devil, meaning when his grandfather dies, he goes to take on the devil.

A Basic singer in the Appalachians meets a bird and hence finds himself traveling in the past only to find out that the only reason he is there is he himself.

John Newland directed this story.

2. The Beast In Heat no.2 on the most expensive VHS tapes.

It costs $1,500

This is an +18 movie. This movie consists of many exploited scenes where a Female Scientist creates a mutant/variant male for the female prisoners in order to torture them.

Moreover, they also receive a lot of 3rd-degree torture; according to the Jail warden, those punishments were not enough for them to suffer.

Most Expensive VHS Tapes 19-The-Beast-in-the-heat
The Beast In Heat(Source:Microsoft store)

This movie didn’t do well with the audience as the audience didn’t like the overall exploitation, which was mixed with overacting and bad editing and direction.

However, This movie was directed, written, and edited by Luigi Batzella.

1. Dr. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks no.1 on the most expensive VHS tapes.

It costs $1,800.

If you find this VHS tape at a much lower price or on the price mention, keep it because it is so rare that it even sold on $2,000 on sites like eBay.

Most Expensive VHS Tapes 20-Dr.-Frankeanstein’s-Castle-of-Freaks
Dr. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks(Source:IMBD)

This is our first pick on the most expensive VHS tapes of all time.

Dick Randall directed this movie.

Brazzi plays mad Dr. Frankenstein in this movie, whereas Dunn is an evil dwarf and Lugosi is a Neanderthal man.

This Movie received outstanding critics from the audience as this was one of the most entertaining movies.


Most of the movies filmed and kept in the VHS are either lost/broken or available on the internet.

However, the directors who directed them and the casting team might not be in the same world as we live.

These movies and shows played a vital role in developing our mindset as a child to make us learn about other countries’ situations and cultures.


How many hit animation shows did Disney made in total?

Disney incorporated 59 successful animation films starting from very Snow white from 1937 to this May, 2024.

What was the main reason why VHS tapes were not durable?

Remanence(a process by which magnetic substances lose their property) and demagnetization were the two major causes behind the loosing of quality of VHS as they were all made of magnetic tapes.



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