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14 Most Inspirational Stories

Top 14 most inspirational stories!

We listen to stories all the time. They make us imagine things and take us into a whole different world.

While we read stories solely for entertainment, they give us some lessons or broaden our perspectives.

Are you feeling bored and want to get inspired and get back into your life with a fresh mindset? We got you! Kickstart by reading these short stories.

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No.  Name 
1. Blindness
2. Boiled
3. Cocoon 
4. A Pound of Butter 
5. Pearl Tears 
6. Onion Biscuits 
7. Gift With Golden Paper 
8. Trees and Sky 
9. Dirty Money 
10.  The Elephant and Fragile Rope 
11. The pouch 
12. Local Coffee Shop 
13.  Gold Mine 
14. 100 Coins 

14) 100 Coins

Once, there lived a rich landlord. He had a farm with many animals, including hens, sheep, and goats.

But, he was never happy, and he realized his farmers were. Even after a long day of working tirelessly, they seemed satisfied. But the landlord always wanted more. One day, he asked his accountant about it.

The assistant told him to secretly put 99 gold coins in the farmer’s little home. He did so. After that day, he realized that the farmer was never happy.

He always kept thinking about the 100th coin instead of being happy about the 99 coins that he found. He always seemed annoyed at his wife and children because of it.

The landlord then related the farmer to himself. Like the farmer, he was also looking for his 100th coin. Nevertheless, for him, it was not literally a coin but more land and animals.

Moral: Be satisfied with what you have rather than obsessing over what you don’t.

13. Gold Mines

He thought he could not do it anymore. He was digging the mine for a month. People said to him that he would get there three days back.

Josh was working on goldmines for as long as he could remember but for other people. This time, he worked on it alone. This time he expected to succeed quickly. But when he did not find gold in the expected time, he thought he would stop.

After a week, another man came and started digging the same mine. Josh thought it was useless. He would never find gold. Yet, after a few days, the man found it.

Josh regretted that for his whole life.

Moral: Be resilient and do not give up on what you’ve worked hard for.

12. Local Coffee Shop

There were a group of friends in a local coffee shop. An older woman came in and heard them complaining about their lives. The same thing happened for three consecutive days.

That day, the woman approached the gathering of friends and talked to them. She then told them a joke. Everyone found it funny and laughed for quite a while.

The other day, she again went to them and told the same joke. They just smiled.

coffee shop
Source: Pixabay

Again, she told the same joke for the third day. The people asked her, “Why are you repeating the same joke every day?”

She replied, ” If you don’t laugh at the same joke twice, then why are you all always obsessing over your problems?”

Moral: Don’t keep obsessing over the same problems constantly.

13. The Pouch

“I lost my pouch with 30 gold coins !” complained the merchant to the king. The king was a very wise and kind man.

He sent a word across the town that anyone who finds it will get a prize.

A few days later, an older woman came to the palace with a pouch identical to the merchants. She gave it to the king. The king then called the merchant and asked to give the prize to her.

The merchant was selfish and thought if he lied, he would not have to give the prize.

So, he told the king that there were additional 20 silver coins, and the older woman & stole them. The king instantly understood his intentions and told him,” That pouch then belongs to the old lady. She is telling the truth.”

He also said if he finds the merchant’s pouch, he will return it to him.

Moral: Be truthful

10. The Elephant and a Fragile Rope

Once, a man was going around for a Jungle safari. Before the ride started, he saw that an elephant was tied to one foot by a small rope.

He thought it could easily break free with little force. He was shocked to see it calmly standing there. The man went to its keeper and asked for the reason.

He replied that the elephant had been tied like that since its childhood. Formerly, he could not break it. So now, it does not even bother trying.

Moral: Just because you could not do it once, you will never be able to do it. Keep trying. The world is rough, and it always tries to hold you back. So break free from the chains, try new things, enjoy your life. Anything is possible.

9. Dirty Money

There was a guest lecture in a university. The lecturer entered the room. After a few questions, she came to find out that the students were having self-worth issues.

So, she went ahead and took out a crisp $100 bill from her bag. She then asked, who wants this money? Everyone raised their hand.

Source: Paul Rousso via Pinterest

The lecturer crumpled the note and asked the same question. Everyone still raised their hands. She went and covered the money with a little bit of dirt. Still, everyone wanted it.

Later, she said, if you still want the money, after all it’s been through, why don’t you do it to yourself? Your value does not reduce because of your struggles.

Moral: Your struggles don’t determine your value. Life will chew you up and spit you out, but that does not lower your worth.

8. Trees and Sky

On a bright summer day, a train traveled through the tracks through green luscious fields. Inside the train were a father and a son.

As the train started to venture, The son started pointing outside. He got really excited and pointed outside, saying, “Dad, is that a tree? look at the sky!”

Another passenger from the same train got really annoyed. When asked why the son was behaving as if he had never seen this before, the dad replied because he hadn’t.

The son was blind by birth and had just gotten his vision back after an eye transplant. He was seeing all those for the first time.

Moral: Don’t judge others without knowing their struggles. You never know what they have been through.

7. Gift With Golden Paper

The little girl cried as her dad scolded her as she had used the expensive gold paper to wrap a gift box. Her dad was a pastry chef and used gold paper for desserts.

After crying for a while, the girl came with a gift box. She handed it to her dad. He took it from her, and when he opened it, the box was empty.

He got furious and scolded her again for giving him an empty box. “Don’t you know gift boxes are not supposed to be empty?”

Most Inspirational Stories
Source: Pixabay

The little girl replied, ” But daddy, the boxes are not empty. I have filled them with my kisses.”

Moral: The greatest gift is love.

6. Onion Biscuits

Once upon a time, there was an Emperor. He loved food and wanted to try new cuisines constantly.

One day, he got hungry; he wanted to eat special rice noodles. When the emperor said it, the servant replied that it was difficult to find and would take time; instead, onion biscuits were available.

The emperor hated onion biscuits and ordered rice noodles. The search for rice noodles started. Many hours passed by, and he started getting furious. He would not eat anything else. After multiple more hours of waiting, he got tired.

Then, he ordered whatever was available then. The food was served. The emperor ate the food and said it was the best food he ever had. When asked what did they serve him, they replied it was the same onion biscuits.

Moral: Empty stomach teaches you a valuable lesson.

5. Pearl Tears

Once, there was a poor man. He used to pray a lot. One day, God appeared before him and asked, “What do you want?” He replied that whenever he cried, may pearl fall out instead of tears.

He later looked for reasons to cry but was so happy that he couldn’t. The man then thought, losing something most precious would make him weep. He realized the most precious person in his life was his wife.

The man then killed his wife using a knife. After realizing what he had done, he bawled his eyes out. However, it was of no use since he had no one to share it with.

Moral: Think of the consequences of your actions, and don’t be greedy.

4. A Pound of Butter

One day, the baker complained to the town head that the cattle farmer was not giving him enough butter. He explained that the butter he received daily was not one pound.

Most Inspirational Stories
Source: Pinterest

Upon measuring, it was found that the butter was not actually one pound. The town head asked the farmer what he used for the measurement of the weight.

He replied that he used a pound of bread the baker gave him daily for a reference. He did not have weights.

Moral: Expect what you give to others.

3. Cocoon

When he saw that the butterfly was struggling, he thought of cutting its cocoon to help it out. His mother told the little boy that butterflies come out of the cocoon. He got really impatient waiting for it.

He went out and bought a pair of scissors and cut the cocoon to help the butterfly out. However, when the butterfly came out of it, it could not fly. The butterfly needed to develop the strength to break the cocoon.

Moral: You could have good intentions and still be a problem; challenges are important to make us stronger.

2. Boiled

The rich man’s daughter always complained about how things were wrong in her life. She always talked about how her life was difficult. So one day, her father took her to the kitchen.

He took an egg and a potato and put them in boiling water. The girl was confused. When he took them out, the girl asked what he was doing. The dad replied, the potato went into the water hard and came out soft. Likewise, the egg went out soft and came out hard.

The environment they were put in was the same. In life, many of us go through similar things. It only varies how we deal with it.

Moral:  It is your decision how to build yourself in any environment.

1. Blindness

Once upon a time, there was a journalist. She was extraordinary at her job. She questioned business leaders and politicians and was not afraid.

However, she was blind and could not see the person she interviewed and judged expressions through the sound of their voices.

One day, she was offered an eye transplant. She got very excited and agreed to it. After the transplant, she was able to see things.

Most Inspirational Stories
Source: Vectorstock

After a few weeks, she returned to her job. The interview started with a politician. When she questioned him, she could see his face.

He had a kind smile and looked friendly. She found difficulty in questioning him strictly. She also stuttered, which was very unlike her.

The journalist asked for a break and came back with a blindfold in her eyes. The politician was confused but did not question her. She was her old self again. She was tough and raised important questions.

Moral: Don’t be blinded by someone’s looks; understand their personality.

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