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10 Most Successful Comedians of All Time

So do you think your best comic is one of the Most Successful Comedians of All Time?

Comedians are experts in delivering jokes with a pinch of drama and satire. Let us find out if your best comedian is one of the 10 Most Successful Comedians of All Time.

Laughter is a language of love, happiness, and peace. It has always been a weapon to overcome dark and bad times.

From World War II to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made the best possible use of comedy to stay together and at comfort.

In the U.S, comedians performed through radio since it ‘ brought Americans together.’

Social distancing after the pandemic made it difficult, but not impossible. Comedy shows have been conducted through many social media such as Zoom.

In addition, Netflix has come up with many talk shows and stand-up comedy shows, which was exactly what we needed for our daily dose of laughter.

However, some comedians are giving themselves time and have decided to take a break until it is safe.

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Comedians Age Famous shows
10) Larry David 74 South Park, Curb Your Enthusiasm
9) David Letterman 74 Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with David Letterman
8) Bill Cosby 84 The Cosby Show, Fat Albert
7) Adam Sandler 54 Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh, Saturday Night Live
6) Byron Allen 60 Comics unleashed with Byron Allen, The First Family
5) Jay Leno 71 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Jay Leno Show
4) Trey Parker 51 South Park, Sassy Justice
3) Matt Groening 67 The Simpsons, Disenchantment
2) Matt Stone 50 South Park, That’s My Bush!
1) Jerry Seinfeld 67 Seinfeld, Comedian, Bee Movie

10 Most Successful Comedians of All Time

From ancient times taking its own pace, comedy has aged like fine wine.

It has evolved from plays, theatre, satire, arts, jokes, records to stand-up comedy, memes, dark humor, and one-liners.

Comics give life to jokes and make any silly thing sound funny.

We cannot say that we don’t laugh at silly and lame jokes, watch fails or pranks, look up memes for hours. Because me too.

Comedy Clubs alone in the US market size in 2024 is approximately $350.8 million.

The US basically invented stand-up comedy and later took the form of talk shows and TV shows.

They fought for their dreams and, with perseverance and determination, they made their dreams come true.

Following, we have a quick overview of the 10 Most Successful Comedians of All Time with reference from Forbes and CBC.

After going through the list, make sure you choose one of them to sit back and enjoy.

10. Larry David

Net Worth: $400 million

At number 10, we have Lawrence Gene David, an American comedian, writer, director, and producer.

Before working as a comedian, he worked as a chauffeur, bra salesman, and taxi driver.

His creations are Seinfeld, Whatever Works, The Three Stooges, Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sour Grapes, along many other shows and sitcoms.

Larry David
Larry David (Source: quotepark.com)

David was the writer and executive producer for seven seasons of the massive hit American sitcom Seinfeld.

Larry David won Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1993 and Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for Comedy Series.

Also, he won the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Comedy Series in 2006.

9. David Letterman

Net Worth: $400 million

David Michael Letterman is a famous comedian, popular for the talk show “The Late Show.”

This show won 6 Emms and was nominated for 47 Emmys.

He also created The David Letterman Show, Late Night with David Letterman, and many similar shows.

Letterman tirelessly delivers his jokes and makes almost anything seem amusing.

His shows are also available on Netflix.

David Letterman
David Letterman (Source: commons.wikimedia.org)

The Late Show had 13.7 million viewers in 1994 alone. He won Kennedy Center Honors in 2012 and the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host in 2005.

In addition, he won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2017, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding host/hostess in a variety series in 1981, and many other similar awards.

8. Bill Cosby

Net Worth: $400 million

William Henry Cosby Jr. is an all-rounder.

He has been an active author for more than sixty years, from 1961.

He works with observational comedy, dry humor, satire, and surreal humor.

Cosby worked as a bartender, and when he started getting big tips for making customers laugh, he started standup comedy.

Then, he started his exponentially growing career.

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby (Source: stockvault.net)

He created shows such as The Cosby Show, Fat Albert, Little Bill, I Spy, Cosby, Kids Say the Darndest Things, and many other similar shows.

Cosby positively portrayed blacks on television, which created a chance for many other similar people who wanted to do comedy.

The Cosby Show averaged 16 million viewers.

He won Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album more than thrice, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor- TV Series Musical or Comedy twice, Grammy Hall of Fame, and People’s Choice award for Favorite Actor in a New TV Series twice.

Moreover, he won Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Series in 1969, the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Male TV Performer, and many others.

7. Adam Sandler

Net Worth: $420 million

Adam Richard Sandler is an actor, comedian, stand-up comedian, producer, and singer.

With a wide range, Adam Sandler does observational comedy, blue comedy, satire, musical and surreal comedy.

Firstly, he started from short roles in movies and comedy clubs like any other comedian. After being discovered by Dennis Miller, recommended him to Saturday Night Live.

In 1990, he became a writer for SNL.

Most Successful Comedians Adam Sandler at Cannes
Adam Sandler at Cannes 2017 (Source: commons.wikimedia.org)

The following year, he performed original songs on the comedy songs.

He is also a part of Saturday Night Live, The Movie: The Princess Brude, Jessie, Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh, which started in 2018. In 2014, Netflix paid Sandler $250 million to produce six films.

In addition, he won Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead in 2020 and the People’s Choice Award for Favorite On-Screen Chemistry in 2005.

He also won Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor: Comedy in 2004, the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Comedic Actor more than 3 times alongside many awards.

6. Byron Allen

Net Worth: $450 million

Byron Allen Folks is a spectacular comedian who specializes in observational comedy.

He started his career early at 14 years after Jimmie Walker recognized Allen’s standup comedy and invited him to the writing team.

The writing team also consisted of other best comedians like David Letterman and Jay Leno.

Firstly, Allen made his TV appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

His show Kickin’ it with Allen aired for 21 seasons from 1992.

He also created Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, Real People, The Byron Allen Show, and many others. Being a great businessman and having a good strategic plan, he became successful.

Also, he has worked as the owner, chairman, and chief executive officer of Entertainment Studios.

He owns 16 television stations affiliated with ABC, NBA, CBS, and Fox. He won Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Award for the Outstanding Lifestyle Program.

5. Jay Leno

Net Worth: $450 million

James Douglas Muir Leno made his appearance on The Tonight Show in 1977.

He also got minor roles in sitcoms and different shows.

Later, he played promising roles in American Hot Wax and Silver Bears.

Jay was a substitute for Johnny Carson in The Tonight Show in 1986.

Then, in 1992 he became the host of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Most Successful Comedians Jay Leno
Jay Leno (Source: quotepark.com)

Jimmy Fallon has been hosting the Tonight Show since 2014.

Jay Leno Show had approximately 17.7 million viewers.

The iconic Jay has been a part of the all-time FRIENDS sequel Joey and similar shows such as Last Standing Man, The Fairly OddParents, and T.O.T.S.

Moreover, he has won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host in 2006 and Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Series in 1995.

Also, he won Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Short-Format Nonfiction Program in 2011 and Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series in 1995.

4. Trey Parker

Net Worth: $600 million

Growing up in Colorado, Trey met the future South Park co-creator Matt Stone at the University of Colorado.

Parker is a multidimensional actor, voice actor, animator, writer, director, and producer.

South Park aired on Comedy Central in August 1997 and was watched 30 billion minutes in 2019 alone.

Most Successful Comedians Trey Parker
Trey Parker (Source: commons.wikimedia.org)

Firstly, Trey started his profession from Cannibal! The Musical and continued along with The Spirit of Christmas and Orgazmo and South Park and its sequel.

Along with this, he has many TV sitcoms such as That’s My Bush! and Team America.

Parker has won many awards: the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album in 2012, The Game Award for Best Performance in 2014, Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program more than 3 times, and many others.

3. Matt Groening

Net Worth: $600 million

Matthew Abram Groening was born on February 15, 1954.

Firstly, he started working as a writer in Los Angeles but wanted more than that in life.

Groening described his life in his publication Life as Hell, which was a self-published comic.

He is a writer, cartoonist, animator, and producer.

Most Successful Comedians Matt Groening
Matt Groening (Source:commons.wikimedia.org)

He has created shows like Life in Hell, The Simpsons, Futurama, and Disenchantment, and many more.

Groening named the Simpson characters after members of his own family Homer and Marge (his parents) and Lisa and Margaret (his younger sisters).

We know how successful The Simpsons is, which explains why Groening is one of the most successful comedians.

In addition, he won Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Aminated Program more than 3 times.

Also, he won the Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in 2002 and the British Comedy Award for Outstanding Contribution to Comedy in 2004.

2. Matt Stone

Net Worth: $700 million

Mathew Richard Stone, in short, Matt Stone is the co-creator of South Park, a satirical Animated TV show which made him a fortune.

He is also an actor, animator, writer, and producer.

South Park was an immediate sensation immediately after releasing in August 1997.

Most Successful Comedians Matt Stone
Matt Stone at The 65th Annual Peabody Awards                                             (Source: commons.wikimedia.org)

This show won five Emmys for Outstanding Animated Program.

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut is a sequel film that received an Academy Award nomination for best song.

He also created and produced many other shows and sitcoms such as Team America, Cannibal! The Musical, Orgazmo.

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1. Jerry Seinfeld

Net Worth: $950 million

Of course, Jerry Seinfeld because have you watched any of his shows? If you haven’t, you are missing on life.

Jerome Allen Seinfeld has been the most successful comedian for almost two decades now.

Born on April 24, 1954, Seinfeld specializes in observational comedy.

He started comedy in college with open-mic nights, where he realized that he was built for comedy.

Firstly, he started professionally from a successful appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jonny Carson.

The audience loved him and appeared in the show frequently.

The splendid and multitalented comedian Seinfeld is also an actor, writer, and producer.

Most Successful Comedians Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld in 2016                (Source: commons.wikimedia.org)

He won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor- TV series or Comedy in 1994, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1993, and many other big and small awards and titles.

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld came up with the American sitcom TV series – Seinfeld, which was a big hit.

Every episode of Seinfeld is memorable and hilarious, joke after joke witty acting; it’s just the best.

By the last season, Seinfeld was making $1 million per episode.

It aired from 1989 to 1998 with over 9 seasons.

In addition, Seinfeld had 30 million viewers each week in 1998.

This show also became one of the most acclaimed and popular American sitcoms of all time.


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