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Top 12 Most Successful Soccer Teams in England

Top 12 Most Successful Soccer Teams in England

‘England’ is a mighty name when it comes to the game of Soccer.

The status of England in the football world has been held high by some of the most successful English Soccer Teams.

Top Football/Soccer Teams of England have been able to shake the world of football with their remarkable team play and formation in English Football Leagues as well as the European Leagues.

Millions of football fans from all around the globe have witnessed their success throughout the years. The consistent triumph of some of the football clubs of England is truly impressive and surely sensational.

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S.No Name of The Club No. of Titles
12. Blackburn Rovers F.C 12
11. Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.  13
10. Nottingham Forest F.C. 13
9. Newcastle United F.C 14
8. Everton F.C 24
7. Aston Villa F.C 25
6. Tottenham Hotspur F.C 26
5. Manchester City F.C  28
4. Chelsea F.C 33
3. Arsenal F.C 48
2. Liverpool Football F.C 65
1. Manchester United F.C 66

12 Most Successful Soccer Teams in England

Since success is not a single day’s decision, we look at the overall performance of the Soccer Teams since the football clubs have existed.

In connection to that, the article observes the success of some of the most remarkable Football Clubs in England.

It narrows down the wide success history of English Clubs within 12 Top English Soccer Teams throughout different matches and time periods.

The following list contains the 12 most successful Soccer teams in England on the basis of their number of victories in English Premier Leagues and European Leagues as well as other related matches.

All the information and details are collected from the trusted site such as Wikipedia.

12. Blackburn Rovers F.C.

Blackburn Rovers are known for being the founding members of the football league 1888 and the Premier League 1992.

We have placed the English team of Blackburn Rovers in the tenth position for its achievement as three times English Champions, Six times FA Cup winners, one-time winner of the football league club, and also the winner of a Full member’s cup.

Blackburn Rovers F.C
Blackburn Rovers F.C (Source: Wikipedia)

The achievement of Blackburn Rovers in the football world is indeed magnificent.

11. Nottingham Forest F.C.

Nottingham Forest was promoted from the second division to the first division in 1977 after constant and continuous effort.

The team celebrated marvelous success for about three years after its promotion.

Nottingham Forest claimed the English League title, two European Cups, and three league cups within three years.

Nottingham Forest F.C.
Nottingham Forest F.C. (Source: Wikipedia)

It was a phenomenal time for the team as it experienced exceptional success in those years.

Despite their short-term glory filled with lots of hope and optimism, the team has been struggling to re-establish its status in the soccer world.

But it still makes it the twelfth rank of the most successful soccer teams in England because of its brilliant performance in the past.

10. Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

Wolverhampton Wanderers, also known as ‘Wolves, the wanderers,’ have secured their status in history being the three-time European League Champions.

They have also claimed the trophy of the FA Cup four times and have twice been announced the winners of the Football League cup.

Wolverhampton Wanderers indeed became a heavy name in the world of soccer through these successes. Unlike Nottingham Forest, It has emerged beautifully in the recent years of football.

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C
Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C (Source: Wikipedia)

The newly tasted success by the team of Wolverhampton Wanderers after their decade-long efforts gave them the opportunity in the Europa League and a Continental Tournament.

They are enthusiastically rising with a magnificent performance in a recent couple of seasons.

The management of the team under Nuno Espirito Santo showed its magical colors.

However, the shocking exit of Nuno from the Wolverhampton Wanderers has given entry to Bruno Lage as their new manager. We can only hope for the best!

9. Newcastle United F.C.

We place the Newcastle football club of England in the ninth position. Newcastle United Football Club is the four times winner of the League titles, six times winner of the FA Cups, and has grabbed one trophy of the Charity Shield.

Adding to those achievements, the team has also been the winner of Inter-Cities Fairs Cup 1969.

In 2006, New Castle United Football Club was able to lift the trophy of the UEFA Intertoto Cup.

Newcastle United F.C
Newcastle United F.C (Source: Wikipedia)

The success of this club is praiseworthy. No wonder why the team has such dedicated fans who fill the stadium for supporting them in each of their exciting matches.

Newcastle United is deserving of being included in the top successful soccer team in England with their unmatchable team play and achievements.

8. Everton F.C.

Everton, as its name suggests in a way, has been able to remain as one of the top English Football clubs ever since the football league has come into existence.

Except for some exceptions, Everton has played most seasons of the top division, which includes 116 noteworthy seasons.

That is indeed an exceptional consistency. The trophies of victories in various games fill the portfolio of this team.

Everton F.C
Everton F.C “Nothing but the best is good enough” (Source: Wikipedia)

Everton has been the nine-time winner of League Championships, the five times winner of the FA Cups as well as the one-time winner of the UEFA Cup.

It is a name filled with glory in the football world. Its achievements clear all the doubt regarding its position in the eighth rank as the most successful Soccer team in England.

6. Aston Villa F.C.

Aston Villa Football Club had dominated the league titles as well as the national cups in the past with their constant victories.

However, it has been some time or almost over a decade since Aston Villa has emerged up to its past expectations. But its glorious history cannot be forgotten or kept uncounted.

Most Successful Soccer Teams Aston Villa F.C
Aston Villa F.C “Prepared” (Source: Wikipedia)

It has been the winner of almost seven league titles along with FA Cups and has also won a European Cup.

The standing of this club in the history of football is outstanding, and that keeps it in the sixth position of the 12 most successful teams in England.

One must remember that if history can repeat itself, so can Aston Villa’s achievements!

7. Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has been able to list itself in the seventh position of the top 12 successful Soccer Teams of England.

They have decorated their team with eighth FA cup titles as well as four League Cup titles and also with two glorious League titles.

Most Successful Soccer Teams Tottenham Hotspur F.C
Tottenham Hotspur F.C “To Dare Is to Do” (Source: Wikipedia)

It might come as a shock that they have never won any English Premier League, but that still didn’t stop them from becoming one of the most successful teams in England.

Adding to their delicious victories, they have also marked themselves as the winners of the UEFA Cup Winners Cup and also as the winners of the UEFA Cup, which is remarkable in the football world scenario.

5. Manchester City F.C.

As we have come to the fifth rank, it is no doubt that the list is going to be further dedicated to super popular teams of England whose success is beyond the limit of appreciation.

Manchester City Football Club is one of the amazing and successful teams in the current scenario of leagues.

Most Successful Soccer Teams Manchester F.C
Manchester F.C “Superbia in Proelio” (Source: Wikipedia)

It is more focused on the European title and has seen more success in the Premier Leagues rather than continental football.

Manchester City is the seven times winner of League titles, six times winner of FA Cups, One-time winner of European Cup, and eight times winner of League Cups.

They are gloriously decorated with a total of 28 titles, and that is certainly astounding.

4. Chelsea F.C.

Chelsea Football Club is an emerging English team in recent years of football.

Their years of struggle have started showing their colors as the team has lately started winning titles. But it doesn’t mean that their historic status as a football club is empty or without achievement.

That would only be a foolish understatement. Chelsea has been six times winners of the league titles and has also been able to become twice the winner of the Champions League title with the recent success in 2021.

Most Successful Soccer Teams Chelsea F.C
Chelsea F.C “‘Nisi Dominus Frustra” (Source: Wikipedia)

The blues, which is another name of the spectacular team, has given remarkable competition in the European matches and also has grabbed two Europa League trophies.

They have also won two cup winner’s cup titles and have made themselves a highly valued and noticeable team in the football world.

3. Arsenal F.C.

We have reached the top 3 listing area of the top successful soccer team in England and on the third number resides Arsenal Football Club.

Also proudly known as Gunners, the team has decorated itself with the achievements of 13 league titles as well as FA Cups.

They also have been able to achieve the status of the winner in the two European Cups.

Most Successful Soccer Teams Arsenal F.C
Arsenal F.C “Victoria Concordia Crescit” (Source: Wikipedia)

Arsenal has shown its great capability as a Soccer team in England by consistently being at the top along with the other two teams in England.

They have been giving their absolute best since their promotion to the First Division. Gunners who are known to give tough competition to their competitors have somehow not been able to win the league in recent times.

However, their wins in the FA cup somehow give hope to their fans.

2. Liverpool F.C.

The number two on the list of the other successful soccer clubs in England is none other than Liverpool Football Club.

It has won 3 trophies which include Six European Cups, nineteen League titles, and seven FA Cups. The team also has three cups from different European matches under its name.

Most Successful Soccer Teams Liverpool F.C
Liverpool F.C “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (Source: Wikipedia)

They are also proudly known as the Reds. Liverpool is one of the biggest names in the football world that is always up for tough competitions.

Football fans from all over the world are always excited to see the team in play. No English team is able to compare the excitement and refreshment brought by Liverpool in any match they play.

Liverpool has truly played an astounding role in maintaining the high standard of England in the football world.

1. Manchester United F.C.

On the top of our list is no other than Manchester United Football Club.

Manchester United and Liverpool are near competitors for the first rank on the list, but still, Manchester United has marked its name on the top of the list with more trophies in different matches than ‘Liverpool F.C.’

‘The Red Devils’ is another name that indicates the Manchester United Football Club.

Manchester United has had such glorious achievements which could only make its placement possible in either number one or number two ranking as the most successful team in England.

It falls amongst the top Clubs of England because of its 66 trophies from different league titles and other cup competitions.

Most Successful Soccer Teams Manchester United FC
Manchester United FC “Glory Glory Manchester United, as the reds go marching on!”(GGMU) (Source: Wikipedia)

They have 20 league titles under their name, which is the highest number of titles achieved by an English football club.

They were aspiring Champions in every season of the league title some time ago. However, the team was a little disrupted after Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed his departure from the Club.

However, Manchester United still managed to win trophies from the FA Cup and the Europa Cup, proving its value as a team despite the absence of one popular member.

Manchester United is still the Top Leading and Successful Team in England with a neck-to-neck rivalry with Liverpool Football Club.


These are the 12 most Successful Soccer Teams in England on the basis of their trophies count throughout the years.

But the football world is ever-changing. There are a surprising rise of underestimated teams and even the fall of popular ones.

History has been an example of such cases. Prediction is the nearest you can be to the outcome of football matches.

The unpredictability of a team’s success and fall is what keeps the football game exciting and fun to watch. According to their performance and rank, some football clubs have been trying to reach the top, whereas some have been trying to remain at the top.

The Competition and the rivalry that comes with it is something that makes matches even more interesting to watch.

Any team has the ability to convert its failing status into success, and if the success is not maintained, one can simply slip to its struggling days.

We certainly have to keep a close eye on the performance of the teams in England to know which one experiences their rise and which one has to taste its downfall. It is surely going to be a thrilling watch!

Give us your Views on our Ranking in the comment below.

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