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Moyo Lawal Tattoo: The Viral Scandal Video Explained!

Nollywood industry’s prominent figure, Moyo Lawal, has been at the center of a recent controversy surrounding a leaked video involving her tattoo. 

Born on January 1, 1988, in Badagry, Lagos State, Moyo Lawal has made a name for herself with her active presence in the entertainment industry.

Her journey in the world of professional acting began with her portrayal of Chioma in the TV series Shallow Waters.

Over the years, she has gained recognition for her roles in popular shows like Jenifa’s Diary, Flatmates, Tinsel, and Holding Hope.

Notably, in 2012, she won the Revelation of The Year Award and was nominated for Best Actress in a Lead Role in 2018.

However, recent events have shifted the spotlight onto Moyo Lawal for reasons other than her acting prowess.

A video featuring a tattoo of Moyo Lawal scandal allegedly involving the actress has surfaced, sparking a growing controversy surrounding her name.

Moyo Lawal Viral Scandelled Video And Tattoo: Explanation

Moyo Lawal, a beloved 35-year-old actress in the Nollywood industry, recently had a leaked video. This caused a lot of buzz on social media platforms like Telegram and Twitter.

Eventually, it rapidly gained traction on Twitter, where many users shared it. The video’s duration exceeded one minute.

This video sparked discussions about the tattoo of Moyo Lawal. The video clearly showed a tattoo on her waist area.

Moyo Lawal showing her star Tattoo in her waist
The start tattoo of Moyo Lawal from the leaked video (Source: Instagram)

Some people argued that Moyo Lawal had no tattoos on that part of her body.

However, Lawal confirmed that she has five tattoos, including the one on her waist.

Meanwhile, this video has raised questions about Moyo Lawal’s potential boyfriend in the video as the actress was seen in an intimate moment with a man.

Furthermore, the leaked video gained a lot of public attention and made them eager to hear from the actress herself regarding the video.

Just hours after the video went viral, Moyo Lawal posted a photo of herself dressed as an older woman holding a pestle.

Moyo Lawal in pink dress sitting in dirt
Moyo Lawal looks like an older woman holding a pestle (Source: Instagram)

Some of her followers offered support in the comments section, while others cracked jokes and teased her regarding the viral video.

What Did Moyo Lawal Respond Regarding The Man And Video?

After much controversy and public speculation, actress Moyo Lawal has finally addressed the leaked video.

She disclosed that the man in the video is her ex-husband. Until now, she had kept her romantic life private, away from the public eye.

Moyo Lawal’s ex-husband, Olasunkanmi Saheed, is a 45-year-old businessman based in Atlanta, US.

Meanwhile, the actress expressed distress that the explicit video was never meant for the public.

A respond from Moyo Lawal regarding her leaked video
Moyo Lawal’s first and final response regarding the controversy (Source: Instagram)

The video had been shared without her consent. She clarified that those who violated her privacy would face legal consequences.

Additionally, Lawal explained that this incident significantly impacted her as she had been very private about her personal life.

She even mentioned that she had practiced celibacy for some time and was selective about her dating life.

Despite the turmoil, she has decided not to let these negative events break her. Moreover, her main wish now is to protect her privacy and avoid further controversy.

Thus, many people have supported her and urged others not to share the video.

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