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Nancy Sauer Obituary And Death Cause: Leaves $2.5 M Mansion to 7 Cats

Nancy Sauer Obituary was shared after her death in November 2022, and she left her $2.5 million mansion to her seven cats. Here’s more.

Nancy Sauer was an 84-year-old woman from Tampa, Florida, whose name came into the media prominence after her death in November 2022.

The Florida woman got more into media prominence after leaving her $2.5 million mansion to her seven cats, and the news shocked the world.

She had a deep love for cats, due to which she thought of giving her mansion to her seven cats. Also, she noted that the property should not be sold until the last cat died.

Nancy Sauer Obituary And Funeral Details

The obituary of Nancy Sauer was shared on November 26, 2022, at the age of 84. When the news was shared, people close to Sauer were shattered, and they began paying tributes to the late soul.

As said earlier, Nancy was a cat lover. Not only that, but she loved shopping. It has been said that she would purchase 20 or 30 of whatever she loved.

Nancy Sauer Obituary
Nancy Sauer’s obituary was shared in 2022 after her death. ( source: Heywood Funeral Service )

Reportedly, there were over 200 Austin Productions statues and figures, more than 50 Dale Tiffany floor and table lamps, and nearly 5,000 pieces of jewelry. 

Furthermore, no details regarding Sauer’s funeral services were shared. So, it is believed that it may have been organized privately.

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Nancy Sauer Death Cause: How Did She Die?

Nancy Sauer passed away on November 26, 2022, but her death cause remains unclear. Many sources have covered Sauer’s death news, but none of them have said how Nancy took her last breath.

It’s been a long time since her death, but people still want to know more about her demise. In the same way, none of her family members have come forward to talk about Sauer’s passing.

Nancy Sauer Death
Nancy Sauer left her $2.5 million mansion to her seven cats: Cleopatra, Goldfinger, Leo, Midnight, Napoleon, Snowball and Squeaky. ( Source: Tampa Bay Times )

Due to that, many speculations have risen on the internet, claiming that Sauer may have faced some problems with her health and may have died after battling with an illness.

However, none of the rumors can be confirmed. But more info may get updated as people on the internet have been asking questions for a long time.

Nancy Sauer Leaves $2.5M Mansion To 7 Cats

Nancy Sauer made headlines when the news of her leaving a $2.5 million mansion to her seven cats named Cleopatra, Goldfinger, Leo, Midnight, Napoleon, Snowball and Squeaky.

As said earlier, she loved cats, and the news of her leaving the huge mansion to her cats has surprised many people. It is said that Sauer wanted her mansion to be occupied by her cats until the last cat died.

Likewise, the inheritance is also meant to cover the cat’s expenses for life. Reportedly, her husband Ralph Sauer Jr. died in 1986, and it has been said that they even owned property.

Despite her husband’s death, she and her son Ralph Sauer III continued to work in real estate and development, but Sauer III also died in 1999. 

Nancy Sauer Cats
Nancy Sauer was a cat lover and owned Persian cats. ( Source: Tampa Bay Times )

Furthermore, Sauer celebrated her last birthday with nine guests and her seven cats and died three days later. She owned Persian cats. 

The cats lived high on the hog, alone in the house, for six months until a Hillsborough County probate judge supervised that they should be moved to a spot where they could be better cared for. 

Executive director of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Sherry Silk, said the cats will now go up for adoption this week. 

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