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Naomi Judd Siblings: Meet Her Brother Mark And Brian Judd, Sister

As Naomi Judd siblings delivered the eulogy after her death, people wanted to learn more about her childhood and Naomi Judd siblings.

Naomi Judd, whose real name was Diana Ellen Judd, was a renowned American country music singer. She formed a successful country music duo with her daughter Wynonna (Christina Claire), The Judds, in 1980.

This duo won nine Country Music Association awards and five Grammy Awards. Unfortunately, Naomi was diagnosed with hepatitis in 1991, and the team stopped performing.

Although her daughter continued as a solo artist, they occasionally reunited for tours. Naomi had mental health struggles throughout her life.

Sadly, Naomi died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on April 30, 2022, the day before The Judds were being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Naomi Judd Siblings: Meet Her Brother Mark And Brian Judd, Sister

People were curious about her childhood and Naomi Judd’s siblings as the Naomi Judd siblings gave the eulogy following her death.

Judd had a pleasant childhood growing up, living in a beautiful home near Ashland’s Central Park with her three younger siblings, Margaret, Mark, and Brian.

Unfortunately, her brother Brian suffered from Hodgkin’s disease and died when Judd was a teenager.

Her father, Charles Glenn Judd, owned Judd’s Ashland Oil, while her mother, Pauline “Polly” Judd, occasionally worked with her daughter at Hamburger Inn, which Polly’s parents owned.

Later, Polly started working as a cook on an Ashland Oil barge and eventually became an Ashland City commissioner.

During Naomi Judd’s funeral, her brother Mark Judd gave a speech in her honor, after which her daughters Wynonna and Ashley also spoke.

Naomi Judd Siblings
Naomi Judd, Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd during Youth AIDS Gala with Ashley Judd (Photo: WireImage)

The family shared information about Naomi’s final wishes, stating that the service was exactly how she wanted it.

Her daughter mentioned that Naomi had written down all the details, making it easier for them to follow her wishes, which they appreciated.

At 18, Naomi gave birth to her first child, Christina Claire Ciminella, who later became known as Wynonna Judd.

Naomi married Michael Ciminella quickly after being abandoned by her boyfriend and Wynonna’s biological father, Charles Jordan, and therefore, her first daughter was given the last name Ciminella.

Naomi Judd Cause Of Death

The report released by the Nashville medical examiner’s office on Friday shed light on Naomi Judd’s mental health struggles before her tragic death by suicide.

The report stated that the Grammy-winning country musician was grappling with bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at the time of her passing.

Judd’s family had previously touched on her battle with depression, but the report and the family’s statement offered a more comprehensive account of her struggles.

The view from Judd’s family revealed that she had been dealing with PTSD due to a childhood trauma, which had a significant impact on her mental health.

Moreover, the statement added that Judd advocated for mental health and often spoke about her struggles in hopes of helping others.

The revelation of Judd’s battle with bipolar disorder and PTSD highlights the importance of recognizing and addressing mental health concerns.

It also serves as a reminder of the devastating impact that mental illness can have on individuals, regardless of their fame, success, or accomplishments.

Judd’s passing is a tragic loss, and her family’s decision to share more details about her mental health struggles is a courageous step towards reducing mental illness’s stigma and raising awareness about the importance of seeking help.

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